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4 Most Common Mistakes Puppy Owners Make

When bringing a brand new pet into your middle and residential, steer clear of those 4 commonplace errors that pet homeowners make!

“Hi Steve, My wife and I are adopting a shelter puppy and we want to make sure we do everything right. What are the most common mistakes you see puppy owners make? Thank you!” – Derek P.

Hi Derek,

I need to at the start thanks and your spouse for opting for to undertake and save a existence! I want everybody selected to undertake.

I feel you’re good to have a look at the average errors pet homeowners are making. We can be told so much from other folks’s errors, which can save us a large number of time, effort, and frustration. The primary parts of elevating a contented, well-behaved, and wholesome pet come right down to: Housebreaking, Socialization, Crate Training, and Puppy Biting.

-Housebreaking is the number 1 factor for brand spanking new pet homeowners. Most folks view burglary as, “How do I tell my dog not to go to the bathroom in the house?” That is the WRONG mindset to have! Rather, you must be asking of yourself, “How do I teach my puppy to go to the bathroom outside?”

The first mindset is coming from a reactive perspective the place you will proper the canine. Whereas the second one viewpoint is one in every of proactivity and atmosphere your canine up for luck, by means of instructing your pet the place to visit the toilet. Use this text/video to turn you find out how to Housebreak Any Dog.

common mistakes

-Get out and socialize your pet! Most competitive circumstances I handle, stem from a loss of right kind early socialization. An below socialized canine turns into frightened or competitive. You must NOT dispose of socializing your pet. You will have to benefit from the puppyhood duration (eight weeks – 6 months). This is how your canine learns that all of the novel stimuli of our human international don’t seem to be dangerous or frightening, however as a substitute, a standard a part of residing.

Socialization does now not essentially imply interacting. It merely approach being in proximity to. Your canine does now not wish to meet each individual, canine, bicycle, umbrella, rubbish pail, and many others. that they arrive throughout. They merely wish to be round them, with no need a deficient revel in. Use this Puppy Socialization Checklist that will help you get began proper.

-So many pet homeowners both don’t use a crate or in advance prevent the usage of the crate. Most individuals who don’t use a crate with their canine, have the mindset crate is punishment or inhumane. This is totally FALSE. Dogs love crates, as a result of they mirror the canine’s herbal intuition to have a protected den to sleep and leisure in.

A crate is an excessively really helpful side of right kind burglary, it provides your pet a protected position to sleep, and is helping stay them out of mischief, in order that they don’t chunk/spoil your issues. I beg my pet shoppers to proceed the usage of a crate till their canine is mature and accountable sufficient to be out of the crate. You don’t need to discontinue the usage of the crate too quickly, as it is going to be laborious to get your canine acclimated to it once more. Every canine matures at a unique price, however I inform my pet shoppers to let their canine sleep within the crate till they’re a minimum of nine months outdated. Many canines like staying of their crate till 1 yr and even 18 months outdated. Learn the step by step strategy of Crate Training.

common mistakes

-Puppy Biting is the second one largest factor for pet homeowners. Many folks suppose they’re going to get a lovely and cuddly pet, however they finally end up feeling like they were given a child Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. I individually do now not counsel my shoppers without delay proper their pet’s biting. Rather, I train them to grasp and search for the explanation why their pet is biting (ex. Too a lot power, overtired/cranky, teething, boredom, carried away, and many others.). Once you understand the reason for your pet’s biting, you’ll be able to simply mitigate it.

I’ve discovered if we assist our pet paintings thru this level of puppyhood, they outgrow their pet mouthing with out ever having to proper it. This is the precise article/video I ship to my pet shoppers: How to Stop Puppy Biting.

Once once more, thank YOU Derek, for opting for to undertake! I am hoping each pet proprietor learns from those commonplace errors and makes use of them to assist lift a contented, wholesome, and well-behaved canine.

Dog Trainer Steve Reid of S.R. Dog Training in Putnam NY. Check out www.srdogtraining.com and “Like” on Facebook www.Facebook.com/SRDogTraining


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