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50 cities around the world everyone should travel to alone

New York City is also one among the world’s largest hotspots for tourism, however how does it fare for solo travellers?Unsplash/Adrian WilliamsAlthough it may be scary, travelling alone is ceaselessly the very best approach to discover a brand new nation or town.

Unrestricted by means of the needs and to-do lists of partners, solo travellers get to enjoy a facet in their vacation spot which is totally adapted to their very own pursuits.

Business Insider has compiled a listing of the 50 very best cities in the world that everyone should travel to alone of their lifetime.

The cities have been selected and ranked in keeping with 3 major standards:

Hostelworld’s 2017 survey of the world’s maximum sociable and pleasant cities additionally supplies an concept of the way welcoming the locals are to solo travellers for some cities, although now not all locations weren’t incorporated in the survey so this didn’t affect the rating.

Scroll on to uncover the 50 very best cities in the world for travelling alone, ranked in ascending order.

50. Bogotá, Colombia.

Destination Popularity: 76th

Crime Index: 62.68

Cost of Living: 38.11% of New York

49. Vancouver, Canada.

Destination Popularity: 34th

Crime Index: 34.99

Sociability: 17th

Cost of Living: 75.89% of New York

48. New York, USA.

Destination Popularity: sixth

Crime Index: 45.2

Sociability: fifth

Cost of Living: 100%

47. Sofia, Bulgaria.

Destination Popularity: 77th

Crime Index: 44.64

Cost of Living: 41.89% of New York

46. Paris, France.

Destination Popularity: third

Crime Index: 53.24

Sociability: 13th

Cost of Living: 90.45% of New York

45. Milan, Italy.

Destination Popularity: 14th

Crime Index: 46.18

Sociability: 18th

Cost of Living: 84.36% of New York

44. Tehran, Iran.

Destination Popularity: 68th

Crime Index: 54.47

Cost of Living: 41.33% of New York

43. Lima, Peru.

Destination Popularity: 45th

Crime Index: 69.63

Cost of Living: 43.79% of New York

42. Johannesburg, South Africa.

Destination Popularity: 30th

Crime Index: 78.63

Sociability: 28th

Cost of Living: 45.63% of New York

41. Berlin, Germany.

Destination Popularity: 28th

Crime Index: 39.13

Sociability: 19th

Cost of Living: 72.03% of New York

40. Shenzhen, China.

Destination Popularity: 56th

Crime Index: 39.nine

Cost of Living: 49.66% of New York

39. Toronto, Canada.

Destination Popularity: 27th

Crime Index: 34.88

Sociability: 11th

Cost of Living: 75.27% of New York

38. London, UK.

Destination Popularity: 2d

Crime Index: 46.48

Sociability: 21st

Cost of Living: 90.three% of New York

37. Bucharest, Romania.

Destination Popularity: 74th

Crime Index: 28.18

Cost of Living: 42.49% of New York

36. Mexico City, Mexico.

Destination Popularity: 42nd

Crime Index: 65.35

Sociability: 29th

Cost of Living: 40.34% of New York

35. Kiev, Ukraine.

Destination Popularity: 96th

Crime Index: 48.83

Cost of Living: 29.82% of New York

34. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Destination Popularity: 78th

Crime Index: 32.47

Cost of Living: 38.52% of New York

33. Warsaw, Poland.

Destination Popularity: 65th

Crime Index: 26.three

Sociability: 15th

Cost of Living: 45.98% of New York

32. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Destination Popularity: 13th

Crime Index: 34.36

Cost of Living: 86.65% of New York

31. Hanoi, Vietnam.

Destination Popularity: 44th

Crime Index: 49.51

Cost of Living: 43.53% of New York

30. Cairo, Egypt.

Destination Popularity: 95th

Crime Index: 55.96

Cost of Living: 26.77% of New York

29. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Destination Popularity: 40th

Crime Index: 57.11

Cost of Living: 41.48% of New York

28. Pune, India.

Destination Popularity: 92nd

Crime Index: 43.41

Cost of Living: 29.28% of New York

27. Budapest, Hungary.

Destination Popularity: 39th

Crime Index: 38.42

Cost of Living: 48.65% of New York

26. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Destination Popularity: 43rd

Crime Index: 13.54

Cost of Living: 66.three% of New York

25. Madrid, Spain.

Destination Popularity: 25th

Crime Index: 30.15

Sociability: seventh

Cost of Living: 84.06% of New York

26. Lisbon, Portugal.

Destination Popularity: 33rd

Crime Index: 32.52

Cost of dwelling: 55.five% of New York

25. Gothenburg, Sweden.

Crime Index: 41.36

Sociability: 1st

Cost of Living: 85.06% of New York

24. Helsinki, Finland.

Crime Index: 24.64

Sociability: 16th

Cost of Living: 87.24% of New York

23. Kuala Kumpur, Malaysia.

Destination Popularity: eighth

Crime Index: 68.56

Cost of Living: 45.92% of New York

22. Guangzhou, China.

Destination Popularity: 37th

Crime Index: 41.25

Cost of Living: 43.68% of New York

21. Barcelona, Spain.

Destination Popularity: 12th

Crime Index: 37.38

Sociability: 22nd

Cost of Living: 68.39% of New York

20. Delhi, India.

Destination Popularity: 48th

Crime Index: 59.69

Sociability: 36th

Cost of Living: 31.19% of New York

19. Beijing, China.

Destination Popularity: 35th

Crime Index: 38.21

Sociability: 38th

Cost of Living: 45.38% of New York

18. Munich, Germany.

Destination Popularity: 24th

Crime Index: 16.four

Cost of Living: 80.47% of New York

17. Kolkata, India.

Destination Popularity: 67th

Crime Index: 50.16

Cost of Living: 26.91% of New York

16. Vienna, Austria.

Destination Popularity: 18th

Crime Index: 21.09

Cost of Living: 77.36% of New York

15. Seoul, South Korea.

Destination Popularity: seventh

Crime Index: 28.34

Sociability: 34th

Cost of Living: 84.29% of New York

14. Shanghai, China.

Destination Popularity: 19th

Crime Index: 32.87

Sociability: 39th

Cost of Living: 56.71% of New York

13. Istanbul, Turkey.

Destination Popularity: 10th

Crime Index: 50.28

Sociability: 33rd

Cost of Living: 46.99% of New York

12. Bangkok, Thailand.

Destination Popularity: 1st

Crime Index: 48.39

Sociability: 24th

Cost of Living: 54.82% of New York

11. Tokyo, Japan.

Destination Popularity: ninth

Crime Index: 19.38

Sociability: 23rd

Cost of Living: 95.11% of New York

10. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Destination Popularity: 31st

Crime Index: 24.15

Cost of Living: 48.42% of New York

nine. Hong Kong.

Unsplash/Igor Son

Destination Popularity: 11th

Crime Index: 20.07

Cost of Living: 79.85% of New York

6. Prague, Czech Republic.

Destination Popularity: 20th

Crime Index: 28.42

Sociability: 32nd

Cost of Living: 51.09% of New York

five. Mumbai, India.

Destination Popularity: 29th

Crime Index: 45.45

Sociability: 35th

Cost of Living: 31.69% of New York

four. Taipei, Taiwan.

Destination Popularity: 15th

Crime Index: 17.38

Cost of Living: 71.58% of New York

three. Singapore.

Unsplash/Annie Spratt

Destination Popularity: fifth

Crime Index: 16.nine

Cost of Living: 88.88% of New York

2. Chennai, India.

Destination Popularity: 26th

Crime Index: 42.74

Cost of Living: 27.99% of New York

1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Destination Popularity: 4th

Crime Index: 19.52

Cost of Living: 72.69% of New York

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