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A new project tries to reduce energy consumption by combining latest sustainable technologies

Civil servants of the Government of Extremadura, situated in Mérida, Spain, could have to paintings below difficult stipulations when retrofitting public structures with technological answers in accordance with renewable energy. They are collaborating as a exhibit web site within the EU-funded Project BRICKER, which specializes in the improvement of so-called passive—this is architecture-based—and energetic—this is facilities-based—measures to toughen the energy potency in public structures which are non-residential.  

Carolina Grau, common director of trade and energy on the Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment and Energy Council of the Government of Extremadura, and Noemí Jiménez, business engineer and director of the dept of study and construction of CEMOSA, an organization that specialises within the find out about of fabrics and construction regulate, communicate to youris.com in regards to the two-fold demanding situations of the project. First, it combines technologies that experience by no means sooner than been used in combination. Second, it integrates those technologies into present and occupied public structures.

What are the expectancies with this analysis project?
Carolina Grau (CG): With this project we hope to reduce the construction’s energy consumption by about 50%. We then plan use it as a exhibit for the area to inspire the usage of renewable energies, specifically sun and biomass, either one of which we’re very fortunate to have in abundance.

What is the principle means proposed?
Noemí Jiménez (NJ):  In the Spanish pilot, most effective energetic energy saving measures are going to be implemented because the construction is moderately new and its passive behaviour  with appreciate to energy saving is just right sufficient. The project is composed of integrating Parabolic Trough Solar Collectors (PTC), a biomass boiler, a warmth and electrical energy cogeneration unit in accordance with so-called Organic Ranking Cycle (ORC), an adsorption chiller and a cooling tower.

The PTC and the biomass boiler will produce sizzling oil that can feed the ORC unit. The ORC unit will produce electrical energy in addition to sizzling water. This water will likely be used for heating the construction throughout wintry weather. In summer season, the recent water will pass throughout the adsorption chiller to produce chilled water to cool the construction. The sizzling and chilled water will pass to the terminal gadgets that can situation the other construction areas. This device is referred to as tri-generation as it produces cold and warm water for heating or cooling and electrical energy. The electrical energy can be utilized within the construction for personal makes use of and the excess energy may also be offered within the energy marketplace.

Does the truth that the structures will likely be in use throughout the renovation make it harder?
NJ: Indeed, probably the most demanding situations is the mixing of its technologies in present public structures. It implies that other people running within the construction must no longer to be disturbed and that the to be had house for all of the centers is constrained.

CG: We plan to perform the construction paintings now and then when the web site is being least used. And many of the parts that might motive a nuisance—due to noise for instance—will likely be housed in a new construction, an annex to the demonstration web site construction. That means, the construction’s group of workers will likely be affected as low as conceivable throughout each the set up section and for the day-to-day operation.

Are there some other obstacles and bottlenecks that you’ve to handle?
NJ: There are 3 obstacles. First, the gap restrictions due to the truth that it’s an present construction. Second, the regulate of the entire project elements and their integration with the prevailing heating, air flow, and air con (HVAC) device. Third, the compatibility of the project objective of profitability of the construction efficiency within the energy marketplace with the Spanish rules. The latter have limited fortify for micro-generation from renewable energies.

CG: From the point of view of the Government of Extremadura, we’re satisfied that the usage of low energy measures carries no limitation and items plenty of financial and environmental advantages. One of the principle demanding situations we are facing is getting the investment to put tasks like this into observe. We know that the profitability of the initiative is assured in an affordable medium-term length, as they are able to be paid for both immediately or following the energy products and services type.

Is this means most likely to be replicated in different public structures owned by the Government of Extremadura?
CG: One of the tasks integrated throughout the framework of the project is the drafting of a replication plan. It comprises an analysis of the opportunity of replication of alternative executive structures in Extremadura. We, the federal government of Extremadura, consider that enforcing low price energy measures brings a couple of collection of each financial and environmental benefits. Therefore, we go for the usage of renewable energies. This method changing them into a real engine for financial enlargement for our area and laying down the root for a sustainable financial system. 

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