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A new service is making data of direct sunlight available for users such as planners of solar power systems

Renewable power resources play crucial position in securing long term power provide and mitigating local weather alternate. Even regardless that the solar power sector, thus far, handiest contributes little to world power manufacturing, it has grown sooner than different power sectors over the last years, consistent with a file revealed in 2011 by way of the International Energy Agency. In sunny portions of the sector, such as Spain or California, concentrating solar power (CSP) vegetation are increasingly more constructed and deliberate. These listen the solar’s power by way of the use of mirrors or lenses, flip it to warmth and, in the end, to electrical energy. Knowing when, the place and what kind of the solar shines is very important as a way to plan such massive solar power systems.

Data on solar radiation for any given location international is exactly one of the results of the EU-funded analysis assignment MACC II. “We provide solar radiation data with 15 minutes temporal resolution and three to five kilometres spatial resolution,” says Marion Schroedter-Homscheidt, sub-project chief and scientist on the Remote Sensing Data Center of the German Aerospace Center in Oberpfaffenhofen. The time collection data run from 2004 till now. They will probably be available at the assignment’s web site later this yr as section of a European data infrastructure throughout the Copernicus programme.

The data stem from a so-called transparent sky type of solar radiation. In addition to data on water vapour and ozone, it comprises very best estimates of aerosols which can be in line with observations and pc simulations. Combining this knowledge with cloud data derived from satellite tv for pc measurements permits the scientists to calculate the radiation attaining the skin of the earth at a given location and time. “It is the aerosol data the solar business is in particular taken with,” Schroedter-Homscheidt tells youris.com.

Indeed, wisdom of those tiny debris within the setting is an important for figuring out the direct radiation from the solar. Aerosols scatter and even soak up mild, which is therefore not available for concentrating solar power systems. Previous fashions of direct solar radiation used aerosol data derived from local weather fashions with a reasonably low answer. “Now we have a much higher data quality,” Schroedter-Homscheidt says.

Experts welcome the efforts of the assignment consortium. Providing aerosol and direct solar radiation data is “a good service,” feedback Elke Lorenz, professional in solar power meteorology from the University of Oldenburg, Germany. While clouds have the most important affect at the overall quantity of solar radiation attaining the earth’s floor, “aerosol data are necessary if the sky is transparent, like in Spain,” she tells youris.com. In her view, the data equipped by way of the assignment consortium are of higher high quality than earlier estimates in line with climatological data.

Other mavens agree. “It is a better approach [for estimating aerosols] than before, in absolute values as well as in the availability of continuous data,” says Lourdes Ramirez Santigosa, head of the solar radiation team at CIEMAT, the Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology, in Madrid, Spain. Her staff had prior to now examined different resources of aerosol data for its personal analysis. “We suppose that [the project’s aerosol data] is the most productive available for longer term tests,” Ramirez says. “For planning of CSP plants, we need at least an hourly resolution of solar radiation data covering ten to 20 years,” she provides.

However, “there is always room for improvement,” Ramirez believes. Within the following 5 to 10 years, fashions will have to get with regards to resolutions of ten metres and one minute. This would permit plant operators to simulate extra appropriately, for instance, the temperature throughout the tubes that obtain the warmth from the mirrors and the orientation of the CSP plant mirrors.

Ramirez additionally issues to the desire for in reality forecasting direct solar radiation. For already present CSP vegetation, “forecasts are necessary for the reason that promoters wish to know the longer term output of their plant”, she tells youris.com. “If you know when the electricity is produced, you can get a better price on the market”, she explains. Including the aerosol data into fashions for forecasting direct solar radiation “is indeed the next step,” Schroedter-Homscheid says. “The project is creating important prerequisites towards this,” she concludes.

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