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Advance Made In Thin-Film Solar Cell Technology

Researchers have made crucial leap forward in the usage of steady waft microreactors to supply skinny movie absorbers for sun cells – an leading edge era that might considerably cut back the price of solar power gadgets and cut back subject matter waste

The advance was once simply reported in Current Applied Physics, a certified magazine, through engineers from Oregon State University and Yeungnam University in Korea.

This is likely one of the first demonstrations that this kind of era, which is more secure, quicker and less expensive than earlier chemical resolution approaches, might be used to ceaselessly and all of a sudden deposit skinny movie absorbers for sun cells from such compounds as copper indium diselenide.

Previous approaches to make use of this compound – which is likely one of the main photovoltaic possible choices to silicon-based solar power gadgets – have trusted strategies similar to sputtering, evaporation, and electrodeposition. Those processes may also be time-consuming, or require dear vacuum programs or unique chemical compounds that carry manufacturing prices.

Chemical tub deposition is a low cost deposition methodology that was once evolved greater than a century in the past. It is in most cases carried out as a batch procedure, however adjustments within the expansion resolution through the years make it tricky to keep an eye on thickness. The depletion of reactants additionally limits the achievable thickness.

The era invented at Oregon State University to deposit “nanostructure films” on quite a lot of surfaces in a continual waft microreactor, alternatively, addresses a few of these problems and makes the usage of this procedure extra commercially sensible. A patent has been carried out for in this way, officers stated.

“We’ve now demonstrated that this system can produce thin-film solar absorbers on a glass substrate in a short time, and that’s quite significant,” stated Chih-hung Chang, an affiliate professor within the OSU School of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering. “That’s the first time this has been done with this new technique.”


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