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After His Blissful Adoption Photo Goes Viral, Police Say Diggy Must Go



You might recall seeing the picture above making the rounds on social media. The picture, a selfie of musician Dan Tillery and his newly followed canine, Diggy, temporarily went viral after it used to be posted remaining week, and it’s simple to look why – simply take a look at the ones smiles, the grins of 2 beings that experience simply discovered their highest pals.

Unfortunately, the viral picture attracted the eye of a couple of “concerned citizens” of Waterford Township, Michigan, the place Dan and Diggy reside, Diggy might lose his new house.

Waterford Township has a ban on pit bulls. The township defines a pit bull as any canines that “substantially conform to the breed standards established by the American Kennel Club” for American pit bull terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers, or American Staffordshire terriers.”

But Diggy isn’t a pit bull, even beneath the township’s legitimate definition, and he’s were given the paper’s to turn out it.

Detroit Dog Rescue, who followed Diggy out to Tillery, have been cautious in deciding on his new adoptive dad. While he used to be a great fit for the smiley pooch, the rescue made positive forward of time that Diggy used to be all transparent for his perpetually house in Waterford Township. They known as the township prematurely of the adoption to substantiate that Diggy, an American Bulldog, used to be no longer a part of the township’s pit bull ban.

As lengthy as they’d proof from a veterinarian appearing that Diggy used to be an American Bulldog, the rescue used to be instructed, Diggy may just cross house with Tillery. Detroit Dog Rescue and Tillery did the whole lot proper, together with licensing Diggy with the township as an American Bulldog. All appeared to fall completely into position and Diggy used to be headed to his perpetually house.

That is, till the picture of the glad new pals went viral.

A couple of voters of the township contacted native government. They concept Diggy gave the impression of a pit bull. And, a loophole within the regulation is now threatening Diggy’s long term. That loophole permits a police officer or animal regulate officer to take one take a look at a canine and make a “visual determination” in regards to the canine’s breed.

The officials that replied to Tillery’s house decided, on Diggy’s look, that he seemed sufficient like a pit bull to be banned, without reference to proof that he’s no longer, if truth be told, a pit bull as outlined by way of Waterford Township.

Currently, a petition to Waterford Township to boost the “dangerous dog ordinance” has gained greater than 50,000 signatures.

Additionally, the rescue is urging the ones in make stronger of Diggy, in particular citizens of Waterford Township, to write down letters and emails to the city officers, hoping they’ll exchange their place and make allowance Diggy to stick.

If the township forces Diggy to go away, he’s going to be returned to Detroit Dog Rescue. But each the rescue and Tillery need the glad duo to stay in combination.

Tillery and the rescue are recently looking ahead to a last resolution by way of the township.

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