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Amazon is making a ‘Lord of the Rings’ prequel series

Amazon is making a Lord of the Rings TV display, but it surely isn’t a immediately adaptation of the biggest myth series of all time — it’s a prequel. The display, which already carries a multi-season dedication, will “discover new storylines previous J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring.”

Of path, The Hobbit precedes Fellowship by way of a few years, however that tale was once tainted so ably by way of the absurd trilogy it was once inadvisedly prolonged into that it’s going to most likely be some years sooner than somebody looks like revisiting it.

It’s imaginable the new series will mine the ponderous however wealthy Silmarillion for subject matter, as fan fiction writers and lore aficionados have executed for many years. The exploits of the Elf-Lords of previous would make for a stirring epic, whilst many would thrill at the risk of seeing Moria at the peak of its grandeur.

So a lot depends upon the high quality of the adaptation, although. Amazon has been lovely just right about its Originals, however this will likely be an endeavor a long way past the scope of anything else its studios and companions haven’t begun tried. Amazon is partnering with New Line Cinema, which of path was once the movie corporate at the back of the much-loved trilogy that started in 2001, and the Tolkien Estate, in addition to HarperCollins for some explanation why.

The deal additionally “includes a potential additional spin-off series,” probably if it’s common sufficient. Of path it’s going to all be to be had solely to Prime participants.

As a fan, I’m cautiously positive. Elendiiil!

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