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Amazon launched a million things today but all I want is a new Kindle

Amazon launched such a lot new stuff today that I can’t even be mindful what they all are (there would possibly’ve been a fish in there, even) but there used to be a obvious omission within the slate of unearths: The Kindle. Amazon’s e-reader has a lengthy and a success monitor report, with every successive type and iteration bringing some great adjustments to the desk, but the closing large alternate got here out in June, and the person who I beloved, the Oasis, used to be launched closing April.

Typically Amazon has introduced out a new model of its Kindle once or more in line with calendar 12 months, and continuously it’ll liberate updates mid-year that come with spec bumps, or neat market-specific options like closing October’s Paperwhite three “Manga Model” for Japan. So a ways in 2017, on the other hand, we’ve been left prime and dry relating to e-ink merchandise from Amazon, whilst the Echo has been lavished with consideration and put out in such a lot of diversifications that there’s in fact one centered totally on taste and type, and person who watches you out of your bedside.

When I heard that Amazon used to be going to have an match today, and that this match would most likely characteristic a vary of product introductions, I had fun: Surely, someplace in all the insanity and concentrate on striking Alexa in vehicles and ridicule recreation trophies, we’d get a nod to the Kindle – possibly simply a new Paperwhite, possibly with some water resistance and even simply the standard replace in web page flip refresh pace.

Instead, we were given Echo Buttons. We were given a tool that provides sensible connectivity to a usual old-school landline. But we didn’t get any wonderful e-paper wondrousness, the likes of which Amazon by myself may give.

There’s nonetheless time: We’ve were given a few months left of vacation buying groceries and other people love receiving Kindles, Amazon. Darrell, specifically, loves receiving Kindles as presents from family members specifically. Don’t destroy Darrell’s Christmas, Amazon. Why would you do this.

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