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The American Staffordshire Terrier, also referred to as Staffy, is a well-liked breed of muscular, tough canine that originated in United States. It belongs to the Terrier breed circle of relatives which is outstanding for his or her distinct persona and look. Staffies had been bred to turn out to be partners and all-goal canine. Its thick unmarried coat is stiff and shiny. It is available in any colour with or with out a patches; in most cases predominantly white and tan.

Height and Weight

The male participants of the American Staffordshire Terrier breed usually stand a peak of 17 to 19 in on the withers, whilst bitches in most cases have a 16 to 18 in peak. Both sexes often weigh about 57 to 67 lbs.


Staffies, normally, are satisfied, a laugh, and outgoing canine. They are strong, clever, and assured. The breed could also be recognized to be just right-natured, dependable, and affectionate. They are mild and really loving towards folks. Staffy canine get alongside smartly with kids and adults. They are obedient and really keen to thrill their homeowners. The breed could also be brave and really full of life. They have the propensity to turn out to be extremely protecting towards their masters and their masters’ belongings. In reality, Staffies will combat to demise if the enemy traps him and threatend his family members. The breed is very tolerant with ache. With correct coaching, and socialization, Staffies can turn out to be superb circle of relatives partners. They usually yearn for company however mild homeowners who’re self-confident and constant in relation to self-discipline.


American Staffordshire Terriers are usually low-repairs in relation to coat care. Dry shampoo them when essential. Owners would possibly make the most of a humid material or rubber glove to do away with their lifeless hairs. Staffies are regarded as to be low-shedders.

Health Concerns

Members of the Staffy breed are usually hardy. Nonetheless, like another dog, they’re additionally at risk of a couple of well being headaches. These come with pores and skin allergic reactions, hip dysplasia, weight problems, thyroid issues, ligament problems, eye defects, tumors, and congenital middle sicknesses. With correct care, nutrition, and workout, the breed can reside for so long as 12 to 14 years.

Best Environment

Access to a big, securely fenced backyard is perfect for American Staffordshire Terriers. They are higher suited to indoor dwelling, even though they are able to nonetheless thrive in sound asleep open air. The breed can do rather smartly in condo-dwelling so long as they get to obtain enough workout. Staffies are usually lazy indoors, they usually in most cases favor spaces with heat climates. The breed wishes no less than an hour of day by day workout. Taking them for a protracted stroll, or allowing them to roam freely in a secure space are nice for them. Owners would possibly bond with their Staffy puppy thru energetic workout routines, jogging, or outside tours.

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