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Ask the Trainer: Help! My Dog Tries to Bite People

Dear Kevin,
Browinie is a Yorkie – and he bites other folks! What is a great way to teach him now not to with out making him fearful of being round other folks?


Hey Brenda,

This is more or less a difficult one to resolution due to lack of know-how however I’m going to generalize to check out to provide you with the easiest resolution that I will. If Brownie is biting other folks it’s both as a result of he’s fearful of them, or simply doesn’t like them. Regardless of the reason why by no means punish him for it. The reason why is as a result of punishing him isn’t going to make him unafraid of other folks, or assist him to like them.

The easiest resolution I will provide you with is that he wishes to get a large number of just right issues from a large number of other other folks. Without realizing the severity of this factor and lots of main points, it may well be a good suggestion to touch an area teacher or behaviorist for assist with this. What we want to do is reassure him that persons are just right. Lots of repetition wishes to occur of him assembly other folks and receiving just right issues from them.

In the starting have the other folks toss him issues that he likes. It may also be meals or a toy. Make it extraordinarily top worth e.g. string cheese, scorching canine or turkey. Make positive that everybody remains at a secure distance. The concept with that is that he remains at ease and so they keep secure. If other folks invade his house it may well make him uncomfortable which is what you wish to have to steer clear of, and so they may probably be on the receiving finish of a chew.

After a large number of repetition when he’s in any case feeling extra at ease round other folks, you’ll get started to upload in some hand concentrated on. Put the praise in-between your arms and provide it to him along with your palm dealing with him. Tell him to “touch.” Switch palms so he will get repetition “touching” each. After a couple of repetitions with having the praise in-between your arms take away it and do just it with an empty hand. If executed correctly he’s going to contact your hand together with his nostril. Incorporate this with the other folks and what you’ll have is a canine that touches other folks, as a substitute of biting them.

This procedure will take time, however that is how you’ll in reality regulate the habits and alter the means Brownie feels about other folks. Once once more I extremely suggest hiring a teacher or behaviorist to assist with this relying on the severity of the factor.

Thank you for the query!
Kevin Duggan CPDT-KA

Kevin is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer via the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT.org)  and is a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator via the American Kennel Club. He lately is living in Ohio together with his canine, V, a six-year-old Shepherd/Lab combine, the place he operates All Dogs Go To Kevin, LLC, that specialize in serving to construct certain relationships between people and their dog partners the use of transparent communique, now not ache and worry. For extra coaching pointers and methods, and to meet his wonderful canine, V,  observe him on Facebook through clicking right here.

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