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Ask the Trainer: How to Introduce a New Dog to Your Existing Dog

When including every other Four-legged member to the circle of relatives, it’s essential to introduce a new canine to your current canine as it should be for harmonious cohabitation.

Introduce a New Dog to Your Existing Dog

“I want to adopt a second dog.  What should the introduction look like when I bring him/her home?” – Jess B.

Well I’m a HUGE proponent of adopting, so I need to get started off via announcing congratulations and thank YOU for opting for to undertake!  Spring is right here and the great climate shall be with us for a number of months, so that is the very best time for any individual to undertake.  I urge you to discuss with your native animal safe haven this weekend to both undertake or volunteer.  The canine will very much take pleasure in you volunteering even simply an hour to stroll, play with them, and percentage a lot wanted love and affection.

One of the highest tactics to create a harmonious multi-dog family is to select the maximum suitable pairing of canine imaginable.  The concerns I’m offering beneath are simply that, concerns.  They are merely issues to consider and consider.  Introducing two canine is rarely with out possibility, as there are lots of variables that affect the interplay and result.  If you’re unsure, I counsel you’re employed with a certified skilled for your space who can assist with the dog-to-dog advent procedure.   

It’s vital that homeowners select a canine with the proper power degree and behaviour dispositions for his or her way of life.  An energetic younger couple who hikes and workout routines day-to-day, might do higher with a prime power canine.  Whereas an aged extra sedentary person would possibly not.  A circle of relatives with small children and little or no unfastened time who lives in a NYC condominium, more than likely will have to now not get a prime power vocal breed like a German Shepherd or Husky.  

Also believe that female and male mixtures will also be higher than two canine of the identical intercourse (notice: two male canine have a tendency to paintings higher than two feminine canine).  If you presently have a pet underneath 9 months of age, I might cling off on adopting till your pet is a minimum of Nine-12 months previous.  I might additionally make sure to are now not having burglary or pet biting/mouthing problems.  If you’re having demanding situations together with your present canine, including 2d canine will NOT repair them.  It will best lead them to worse.  Address your provide canine’s problems with coaching first, then upload a 2d canine into your family.

Take good enough time and idea to make a decision what canine is true to your way of life, power degree, and canine proudly owning skills.  This determination will both set you and your canine up for good fortune or failure.  

Once that is made up our minds, you’ll transfer onto the introductions.  

Phase 1: Start with a stroll on impartial territory without a sniffing or greeting of any type.  Two handlers (every with one canine), in the end shifting the canine nearer in combination.  Once canine are strolling side-by-side with two handlers, cross one canine/leash over into the fingers of 1 handler.

Introduce a New Dog to Your Existing Dog

Phase 2:  Stop for a transient sniff consultation with two handlers on impartial territory.  One canine will get to sniff the different from in the back of then change.  Lastly a unfastened leash aspect to aspect assembly (wishes to best closing 10 seconds) to pass judgement on the dynamics between the two.

Phase three:  Walk again to the house, take new canine to the again backyard to discover by itself for a short time. Then each canine on a unfastened leash for every other intro in the again backyard.  

Phase Four: Take each canine inside of the house and meet on unfastened leash.

Critical parts for preliminary few weeks (or extra):  Always feed canine one at a time in their very own crates. Make certain there are not any toys left round. Toys, bones, and bite pieces are best allotted to every canine when they’re of their separate crates. Dogs will have to now not be left by myself in combination. Only supervised interactions for the first a number of weeks (or extra). Remember, protection and long-term good fortune if our #1 precedence. That’s why it’s higher to take sluggish proactive steps to arrange for good fortune, than it’s to have an incident and feature to soar again from that primary step again.

If the advent is finished sluggish and step by step, there will have to be enough alternative to assessment the dynamics between the two canine with out struggle.

Please notice: These are NOT “set in stone” regulations, those are simply concerns for one form of manner. There are too many variables to ever make a one dimension suits all manner that might be freed from attainable possibility. Everything may be very situational and in my opinion depending on the canine and people’ skills. That’s why those ARE concerns, NOT regulations.

Once once more, I commend you for opting for to undertake and save a existence. If you have an interest in a particular form of breed, glance into adopting from a Breed Specific Rescue, fairly than purchasing from a breeder or pet mill puppy retailer.  


Putnam NY Dog Trainer Steve Reid, of S.R. Dog Training.  Learn extra at: www.srdogtraining.com and www.Facebook.com/SRDogTraining.

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