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Ask the Trainer: How to Keep the Dog From Running Away

Hi, Kevin!
Welcome! It’s very thrilling to be ready to ask you for lend a hand. Our domestic dog is a 1 yr outdated lab/beagle/boxer combine. She is VERY sensible and superb except for for when her nostril takes over. In the area, she all the time comes when referred to as, however outdoor that nostril is going down and she or he’s off, utterly ignoring me till she comes to a decision to listen. Someone recommended a surprise collar, however I’m afraid that she would even forget about that if a squirrel or deer stuck her consideration. Can you lend a hand?I don’t thoughts holding her on a leash maximum of the time, however every now and then a grandkid will unintentionally let her out and it worries me.
Thank you upfront for any recommendation you’ll be able to be offering,


Hey Lin,

Overall it is a somewhat not unusual factor. I’d paintings exhausting on a cue that implies she is meant to have a look at you. I refer to this as consideration paintings. Start off working towards this with minimum distractions. When she is doing just right with that get started to building up the problem of the distraction. Your final objective will likely be to get her consideration when she is on a odor. And when you’ll be able to pull her consideration off of a odor you’ll then be ready to recall her.

Recall (coming when referred to as) is one thing that takes numerous follow. I’d suggest the usage of a protracted leash (30-50feet). When coaching this keep more than pleased and use numerous rewards. Practice this together with her in a take a seat or a down place in addition to when she is going to put her nostril down to sniff. Use a constant phrase and take a look at no longer to repeat it. If she doesn’t come when referred to as you have got a pair choices. You can get low to the flooring and make some satisfied amusing sounding noises. Another choice you have got is to get started working the reverse manner. (Be conscious about how a lot room you have got till you run out of leash). And one different choice you have got is to get started reeling her in gently whilst praising her. Build that repetition of her coming each and every time she is named. When she is coming each and every time you’ll be able to then get started to perform a little off leash stuff.

Door bolting- What appears like the maximum necessary factor is her working out of the door when grandkids are over. I’d train her that she isn’t allowed to pass out of the door till she is “released” thru it. Use a unlock phrase like “okay” each and every time she is going thru the door(s). If she tries to stroll out with out the unlock simply inform her “no” and put her again in the area and repeat. The thought in the back of that is with the repetition she is not going to pass out of the door if it’s opened until somebody tells her the unlock phrase. I’d follow this more than one occasions an afternoon.

I plan on creating a door bolting video in the close to long run that will likely be on my FB web page and Youtube Channel.

Thank you for the query!
Kevin Duggan CPDT-KA

Kevin is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer thru the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT.org)  and is a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator thru the American Kennel Club. He these days is living in Ohio along with his canine, V, a six-year-old Shepherd/Lab combine, the place he operates All Dogs Go To Kevin, LLC, focusing on serving to construct sure relationships between people and their dog partners the usage of transparent conversation, no longer ache and worry. For extra coaching guidelines and tips, and to meet his superb canine, V,  observe him on Facebook through clicking right here.

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