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Ask the Trainer: My Dog Destroys Everything He Can Get His Paws On!


Dear Steve,
Grady is a Five-yr-old Weimaraner and he chews up the whole thing he can get his paws on. Lately, he’s been chewing and scratching the closed door resulting in the bed room. Yesterday, he chewed part the door. He had a doggie door, 3 full of life siblings, a fenced 1.Five acre backyard, and a lot of bite toys and crammed animals. He by no means used to try this however has been getting step by step worse. Yesterday used to be beautiful terrible. Can you lend a hand? I’m at paintings for nine hours an afternoon, house on weekends. I play with him and his sibs on a daily basis, too.


Hi Sue, thanks on your query.  The factor of destroying pieces in the house is a not unusual problem for lots of canine homeowners.  This is a combat that plagues each pet and grownup canine homeowners of all breeds and sizes.  You make a number of statements on your query that I in finding to be very telling and straight away stood out as attainable contributing components.  We will deconstruct each and every of those statements in a minute, however I first need to say that destruction in the house is frequently occasions a symptom, now not the drawback.  It’s vital to know this, as we wish to resolve and cope with the underlying reason, now not merely assault the extra glaring symptom.

The two maximum not unusual reasons of destruction in the house are: extra pent up power and separation anxiousness.  Excess pent up power is extra not unusual, however separation anxiousness is a lot more tough to unravel.  It’s necessary to grasp what your coping with, to be able to get a hold of the right kind coaching plan. One distinguishing characteristic of separation anxiousness is the canine exhibiting physiological adjustments comparable to higher middle charge, drooling, and better respiring (panting), and so on.  Separation anxiousness is frequently occasions precipitated via a significant exchange in regimen, way of life or residing state of affairs.  Have you latterly moved to a brand new house?  Are you on a brand new paintings time table (i.e. longer hours, operating nights as a substitute of days, and so on.)?  Did a circle of relatives member transfer out or cross away?

If an match like this has preceded the onset of this destruction, then you can be coping with separation anxiousness.  To learn to give a boost to separation anxiousness, learn my article and watch my video right here.

Now onto a better research of your query:

It’s not that i am person who loves to generalize and base my coaching on a canine’s breed, as each and every canine is exclusive and there’s a huge gradient of distinction amongst canines inside the similar breed.  However, the very first thing you point out is your canine is a Weimaraner.  They are usually an excessively lively breed that calls for vital workout and psychological stimulation more than one occasions according to day.  It’s necessary to be cognizant of each and every canine’s particular person attributes and plan your coaching accordingly.

The subsequent factor you point out is, “He had a doggie door, three energetic siblings, a fenced 1.5 acre yard, and plenty of chew toys and stuffed animals.”  This is a quite common remark I pay attention from purchasers all the time.  We would suppose this stuff are appropriate shops for workout and psychological stimulation, however they don’t seem to be sufficient.  These are great choices for a canine to have, however they do NOT exchange the basics.  What do I imagine to be the basics?  A structured walks, structured play classes, and obedience coaching.  I will be able to speak about those extra in a while.

The closing a part of your query that I in finding to be vital is, “I’m at work for 9 hours a day, home on weekends. I play with him and his sibs every day, too.”  I feel it’s improbable you play with the canines on a daily basis, however nine hours is an excessively lengthy paintings day for those canines to be left by myself.  I advice my purchasers who’re out of the house for six+ hours at a time, to have anyone are available in mid-day to take their canine for a structured stroll and/or structured play consultation.

What are the takeaways for Sue and different suffering homeowners…

Dogs have two sorts of power (identical to us), psychological and bodily power.  We will have to supply suitable shops for this power, differently it is going to construct.  Pent up power will reason the canine to search for an outlet that we view as unacceptable (i.e. destroying pieces in the house).  I imagine a structured stroll and structured play consultation to be the perfect for bodily power and obedience coaching for psychological power.

What do I imply via a structured stroll?  A structured stroll is with the canine strolling with ease at your facet on free leash.  The canine will have to NOT be continuously sniffing, marking, and pulling.  There is a time and position for the canine to smell and pass to the rest room on the structured stroll, however the majority will have to be free leash strolling at your facet.  This supplies bodily workout, but in addition mentally stimulation.  The canine makes use of impulse/strength of mind via now not reacting to the whole thing they stroll via, which is mentally fatiguing.  The duration of the stroll varies relying on the canine’s age, dimension, total well being, and proprietor’s features.  So in finding what’s right for you and your canine.

Structured play classes will have to be achieved at the side of, now not as a substitute for, a structured stroll.  To be told extra, take a look at my earlier article and video contribution on How to Play a Structured Game of Tug with Your Dog.

The closing part is obedience coaching.  Not most effective will this help in making your canine extra obedient in lifestyles, however it’s a fantastic technique to drain your canine’s psychological power.  Other actions like nostril or smell paintings are nice, however now not as sensible for the circle of relatives canine proprietor.  You can be very shocked at how mentally fatiguing simply Five-10 mins of concentrated obedience coaching may also be for a canine.  You will understand your canine doing nice with instructions at the starting of a consultation, and towards the finish they begin messing up on one thing they had been doing nice simply Five or 10 mins earlier than.  That is a telltale signal your canine is getting mentally drained, so finish on a excellent be aware and phone it a coaching consultation.

The last item I need to point out, is a canine’s psychological and bodily power are each renewable assets.  This way your canine gets drained from those workout routines at one level in the day, and after resting they’re going to be in a position and raring to head once more.  I counsel my purchasers run their canine via Five-10 mins of obedience coaching, take them for a structured stroll, and quick play consultation simply earlier than they go away for paintings/faculty.  That approach their canine will have to be fulfilled after they go away for the day (lowering the likelihood of destruction when they’re long past).  Since power is a renewable useful resource, I like to recommend they redo this regimen once more once they get house.  As I stated previous, if you want to depart your canine for six+ hours immediately, I like to recommend you will have anyone take your canine out all over that point.  Not just for them to visit the rest room, but in addition to alleviate the power which is construction.  This will have to help in making issues more uncomplicated for you whilst you arrive house from an extended day of labor.

Steve Reid is a Certified Dog Trainer and proprietor of S.R. Dog Training in Westchester, NY.  For extra details about S. R. Dog Training and to sign-up for his publication, consult with www.srdogtraining.com. Please additionally transform partial to Steve on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/SRDogTraining.

Do you will have a difficult coaching query of your personal? Ask the teacher via clicking right here.

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