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Ask the Trainer: My Dog Destroys Everything When He’s Home Alone!


“Hi Steve, My 2 year old Lab is a sweet and happy dog, but he tears up everything in my home when I leave for work. HELP! What can I do?” – Susan M.

Hi Susan,

This is the maximum not unusual query I am getting requested by means of Dogington Post readers, in order that’s why I’m protecting this in a spherical 2 article. You can in finding the first article right here, however you should definitely learn this one first.  

Destroying pieces in the domestic is terribly problematic. The very first thing we want to do is resolve whether it is Separation Anxiety (SA) or just boredom/pent up power.  

Does your canine grow to be frightened as you’re on the brink of go away, do they bark, tempo from side to side, drool, and seem to have an greater center charge? If so, this might be SA. If you assume your canine will have Separation Anxiety, get began by means of studying this article after which touch a professional canine teacher on your space who’s versed in SA, as this can also be tough to unravel.  

If you don’t assume your canine is experiencing Separation Anxiety, then let’s speak about what you’ll do. The very first thing is to be sure that you’re offering your canine abundant psychological and bodily workout earlier than leaving them domestic on my own. Physical workout is usually a structured stroll or enjoying video games. Don’t understand how to play together with your canine? Use those articles/video to turn you how one can play Tug or Fetch together with your canine.

Most homeowners perceive the significance of bodily workout, however they put out of your mind psychological stimulation. Dogs are sensible, inquisitive, and want to examine/be informed. I at all times counsel that my shoppers paintings their canine on obedience instructions for 10-20 minutes previous to leaving their canine domestic on my own for any considerable period of time. Obedience instructions (particularly new ones) can also be somewhat mentally fatiguing for canine to be informed. If you supply enough psychological stimulation, your canine is far much less prone to search for irrelevant retailers for that psychological want (i.e. destroying home items).

The final, and arguably maximum vital element is a protected containment space in your canine. What does this imply? You want to supply your canine a sterile and protected setting for them to are living when you don’t seem to be domestic. This generally is a room in your home that is freed from footwear, furnishings, youngsters’s toys, and every other pieces they are able to smash. If you can not give them a complete room like this (which most of the people can not), then you need to use a crate.

I’m an enormous proponent of crating canine when left domestic on my own. This prevents damaging habits and stay your canine more secure. If your canine isn’t comfy in the crate, then get started crate coaching NOW, irrespective of your canine’s age. Not positive how one can get began? Use my crate coaching article and movies HERE.  

I am hoping you in finding this informative, however since I clearly can not paintings with each Dogington Post reader in-person, this text is only supposed to provide you with some issues to believe. You should use your personal judgement and restraint as to what’s suitable in your canine. I like to recommend all homeowners touch a professional teacher who can paintings with them and their canine in-person.

The secret is not to let the undesirable behaviors proceed, as they are going to compound and escalate through the years. You want to grow to be empowered with the talents and data of how one can care for the state of affairs you’re suffering with, so you’ll permit you to and your canine NOW, now not the next day, subsequent week, or subsequent 12 months.

S.R. Dog Training supplies in-home pet and canine coaching in Westchester and Putnam NY.  Read extra articles and speak to canine teacher Steve Reid at www.srdogtraining.com and www.Facebook.com/SRDogTraining.

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