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Ask the Trainer: Provide Mental Stimulation to Prevent Destructive Behaviors


“I don’t get it, I love my dog, I leave him with his food, toys, and give him a lot of love before I leave for work, but he still destroys things when I leave him alone.  Help!” – Mary M.

Hi Mary,  

Now don’t take this the mistaken means, as I do know you’re keen on your canine and are attempting to give him the best possible and very best lifestyles imaginable…however that is a part of the downside.

Dogs are animals.  More particularly, they’re dogs.  Canines require psychological and bodily paintings so as to really feel fulfilled and at ease.  Without that, they get into mischief.  A canine with an unfulfilled sense of achievement from running onerous, will bark excessively, enjoy separation anxiousness, and damage home goods.

Research proves that once given a decision, animals would slightly paintings for his or her meals, than have it given to them with out effort.  So as an alternative of letting your canine living room round on their mattress looking ahead to you to serve them on a “silver platter (or bowl)”, chow down their meals in seconds, and cross lay down on the sofa…lend a hand them to reside a extra significant lifestyles that may cause them to happier, more fit, and scale back undesirable behaviors that frustrate you.  This is simple to do by means of permitting them to paintings for his or her meals.

Here are 3 ways in your canine to paintings for his or her meals (#three is my private favourite):

  1. A "Snuffle Mat" is a great alternative to bowl feeding and supports a dog's natural desire to forage for food.

    A “Snuffle Mat” is a brilliant choice to bowl feeding and helps a canine’s herbal want to forage for meals.

    Scattering:  Take your canine’s dry kibble and scatter on an acceptable floor, similar to a patch of grass (freed from particles/hazards), to your deck, kitchen ground (position on newspaper, cardboard, and so on. for simple cleanup), or scattered in a Snuffle Mat.

  2. Puzzles:  Make positive the toy puzzle is tricky sufficient to problem your canine each mentally and bodily.  Buy Four-6 other toys, so as to create a puzzle rotation.  That means your canine simplest sees the similar toy each Four-6 foods.
  3. Obedience Training:  Work to your canine’s obedience instructions and praise the use of their meals.  Practice the Five Obedience Commands to Make Your Life Easier sooner than each and every in their foods.  This simplest takes Five-10 mins and your canine gets quite a lot of psychological/bodily workout, a way of achievement, and you are going to have a better-behaved canine.

The key with obedience coaching is to you’ll want to strategically growth in distance, period and distraction, whilst holding the Rule of Three in thoughts.  

In conjunction with this, I might correctly crate teach your canine and allow them to relaxation safely in there when unsupervised.  This will lend a hand stay him out of hassle while you aren’t house.  A mentally and bodily happy canine will experience their time to sleep and play with their favourite toy or bone in the crate.

I’m hoping you to find this useful and keep in mind…a Bored canine is a Bratty canine and a Tired canine is a Terrific canine.

Westchester Dog Trainer Steve Reid, of S.R. Dog Training.  Read extra about Steve at www.srdogtraining.com and www.Facebook.com/SRDogTraining.

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