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Ask the Trainer: Puppy Pulls and Bites Leash

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Our nine week previous Lab pet lies down or bites the leash after we attempt to take him for a stroll. The extra we pull, the worse it will get. We achieve the level the place we wish to pick out him up and get started sporting him. Your recommendation could be a lot liked. – Nan B., Dallas, TX

Hi Nan,

This is a quite common factor for a nine week previous pet. The very first thing to keep in mind is, pups are a “clean slate”. They come to us figuring out not anything. They don’t inherently understand how to stroll on leash, it’s our task to show them that. What we don’t need him to get in the addiction of, is finding out that laying down is a great way to prevent the stroll and additionally finding out that you’re going to pick out him up and lift him (as that is going to get tricky so that you can do actual rapid).

The very first thing I’d do, is exchange your psychological belief of what a stroll must be like (a minimum of for the subsequent couple of weeks). What I imply by way of that is, the stroll is probably not a recreational walk that you just cross on for 30 mins. Rather, this is a coaching alternative that can simplest final a brief distance and regularly larger over the years. You need brief paintings periods, which let you development excellent behavior of strolling on leash.

Short widespread coaching periods are easiest with a pet. Three brief 5 minute walks in keeping with day, the place your pet isn’t laying down, however slightly strolling at your facet – is much better than one or two longer walks which might be sloppy and finish with you sporting him again house.

How do I educate him to stroll at my facet? I’d use a top worth meals merchandise to entice your pet into the “Heel” place at your facet. If he deviates from that place, lies down, or begins to chew the leash, I’d redirect him again into the “Heel” place with the meals entice.

Keep in thoughts, it is a coaching alternative, so we can be the use of many items of treats all the way through every brief coaching consultation. I’d additionally use my motion and verbal reward to inspire him to practice. Pulling him the use of the leash will simplest inspire him to withstand, as canines have an inherent opposition reflex.

Watch this video to be told methods for coping with pet leash biting:

Lastly, make sure you have correctly fitted apparatus. Properly fitted manner the canine can not slip out of the harness or collar when he strikes round or pulls again. I typically stroll pups on both a martingale collar or entrance clip ez-walk harness. I’ve discovered entrance clip harnesses to be a lot better than a again harness by which the leash attaches from at the back of. A again clip harness can in reality exacerbate the canine’s opposition reflex, inflicting him to drag much more.

So have in mind, brief widespread coaching periods with a view to educate and make stronger what we wish (strolling at our facet on a unfastened leash) and combating or discouraging what we don’t need (leash biting and laying down on the walks). Small incremental enhancements over a little while will make an enormous distinction. I am hoping this is helping get you and your pet transferring in the proper course!

Westchester NY Dog Trainer Steve Reid, of S.R. Dog Training. Find out extra at: www.srdogtraining.com and www.Facebook.com/SRDogTraining.

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