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Ask the Trainer: Should I Use an Electric or Invisible Fence for my Dog?

“Hi Steve, I was thinking of an electric fence for my yard.  My neighbor has one for her dog, what do you think?” Lisa P.

The matter of electrical fences are very a lot an individualistic selection.  Like the rest, they’ve their professionals and cons.  Some other people swear by means of them and others choose to not use them.  

I suppose we must get started this newsletter off by means of pronouncing, by no means let your canine off-leash out of doors until you might have a protected containment gadget in position, corresponding to a cast fence or electrical fence.  Most other people have no longer advanced a rock cast recall with their canine.  If your canine does no longer come when referred to as even 1 out of 10 instances, that suggests they must no longer be off-leash.  We NEED 100% reliability for protection causes.  How to succeed in that is past the scope of this newsletter.    

Benefits of Electric Fence

When my shoppers ask my opinion on electrical fences, I all the time get started by means of pronouncing, “Nothing beats a solid and secure wood or vinyl fence”.  With that mentioned, electrical fences have a tendency to be: more economical, more uncomplicated to put in in sure geographic landscapes the place different fences are not possible to put in, and they’re appropriate for use the place cast fences are in opposition to the city or rental neighborhood pointers.

Don’t Install Yourself  

I suppose electrical fences are a role very best left for a qualified electrical fence corporate to put in.  I advise all my shoppers in opposition to putting in their very own fence, as it may be intricate and if there’s a malfunction, you need the execs to correctly diagnose and fasten the downside.

Hire a Professional for Training

Proper coaching is ESSENTIAL for this, as you need your canine to totally and unequivocally know the way the fence works.  If this isn’t correctly performed, your canine might undergo the fence, and after they do, they would possibly not perceive to not get again in.  Also, I in my opinion would no longer use an electrical fence with a canine more youthful than 6 months of age (older if imaginable).  So you’ll want to rent a qualified for the set up and correct coaching.

Don’t Forget

An electrical fence might stay your canine from escaping, however it’ll no longer save you different animals or other people from coming into your backyard (like a cast fence would).  So don’t let your canine out of doors and omit about them, you will have to nonetheless stay an eye on them for protection causes.  I would additionally counsel that the fence no longer run proper subsequent to the side road line.  I would have the fence line set again a minimum of a number of toes (10, 20, or even 30toes. again is healthier) from the side road line.  Having a canine run proper all the way down to the curb of your own home barking and operating backward and forward at bicyclists, different canines, and passerby’s is usually a protection factor for no longer best your canine, however the normal public.  Creating a unique buffer of 10-30toes. off the curb line can lend a hand to lower the probability of long run problems and dangerous behaviors growing.  

In Closing

An electrical fence is an excellent possibility for sure house owners, however best you’ll be able to make a decision if it’s proper for you and your canine.  Don’t omit, any roughly fence (cast or electrical) don’t seem to be appropriate possible choices to strolling and enjoying along with your canine (Tug or Fetch).  You can’t merely let your canine out of doors a couple of instances an afternoon to run round the backyard chasing a squirrel and barking at your neighbor, you wish to have to spend time along with your canine, play along with your canine, and stroll your canine on a daily basis.  

If you should not have a fence for your backyard, don’t let your canine off-leash, there’s NOTHING unsuitable with strolling your canine on a 6 toes. leash and enjoying out of doors along with your canine the use of a 20-50toes. lengthy leash.  It does no longer “shortchange” your canine in any respect, they need to be with YOU and spend time with YOU.  The key takeaway for these days is to offer the very best high quality of existence for your canine, whilst conserving them protected.

Putnam NY Dog Trainer Steve Reid, of S.R. Dog Training.  Read extra about Steve at www.srdogtraining.com and www.Facebook.com/SRDogTraining.


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