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Ask the Trainer: Teaching Your Dog to Take Treats Gently


“Is there a way to train my dog not to snap at your fingers when you give a treat?  I basically have to throw treats at his mouth and pull my hand back as quickly as I can to avoid getting bitten.”

This is one thing I see so much with doggies and young-adult canine who get very excited for treats.  This article isn’t about competitive canine, those tips are just for canine who take treats in a coarse means (with out a aggression provide).  Being in a position to simply ship your canine a deal with is very important to correctly educating obedience instructions and easily making existence more straightforward for you.

It all begins with how to correctly dangle a canine deal with.  Numerous other people make the mistake of keeping the deal with between their fingertips.  This leads to the canine biting their hands.  Instead, with an open palm, you wish to have to pinch the deal with between the crease of your thumb and the base of your index finger (watch the underneath video for additional demonstration).  Being in a position to do that will aid you to trap your canine into just about any place, which permits you to train them the five Obedience Commands to Make Your Life Easier.

From there, you want to ensure that your canine handiest receives the deal with when they’re calm.  Most other people liberate the deal with when their canine is pushy and overexcited.  This teaches your canine that being pushy and top power will get them what they would like.  This units the incorrect precedent that can go beyond into different spaces of your day-to-day regimen – turning into overexcited and leaping when getting leashed to opt for a stroll, over-exuberant when looking ahead to their meal, leaping on other people they meet, and so forth.

An crucial existence talent is for canine to be told that calmness and being at ease gets them what they would like.  The pushy and overexcited habits will get disregarded or discouraged.  So be certain that to handiest liberate the deal with when your canine is calm and patiently looking ahead to the deal with.  If you do that, they are going to be told that the new foreign money of being calm and at ease is the handiest factor that will get them what they would like.  You can take this past simply turning in treats. You can train your canine to be calm sooner than coming into/exiting thresholds, ready to devour, structured crate protocol, and frivolously ready to be leashed for walks.

While we’re discussing canine treats in coaching, be certain that to make a selection the best deal with for coaching your canine…

I’m hoping you in finding this useful in educating your canine to take treats gently and the way to be calm in on a regular basis existence actions.

Steven Reid is a canine teacher and proprietor of S.R. Dog Training.  Learn extra about S.R. Dog Training at: www.srdogtraining.com. Also “Like” Steve on Facebook at: www.Facebook.com/SRDogTraining.

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