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Aston Martin’s limited edition submarine is totally my next car

Aston Martin has a brand new thought submarine designed in partnership with submarine maker Triton Submarines. The challenge is codenamed “Neptune,” and the idea that designs envision a graceful underwater craft with competitive pointy-ended pontoons and a central passenger bubble cockpit with an unobstructed, all-around view.

The Neptune submersible combines Aston Martin’s design abilities with Triton’s talent to provide useful submersibles for researchers, explores and the super-rich. Triton’s experience lies in ensuring that submarines can if truth be told submerge safely, which is what provides me hope that this idea will certainly continue to the limited edition manufacturing section, as Aston Martin says it is going to.

Project Neptune is in response to an present three-person submarine platform from Triton’s lineup, in order that’s any other win in the case of manufacturing viability. And even if it does get made, it’s going to be an “exclusive, strictly limited edition vehicle” so you most likely received’t see those dotting the native harbor regardless.

Still, I would really like one, and I’ll transfer to an ocean-bound town to make it occur.

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