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Aubrey O’Day’s Dogs Rub Their Butts on Restaurant Tables

Aubrey O’Day (From WikiPedia)

Aubrey O’Day – a celebrity on the Celebrity Apprentice – took her canines to lunch at an LA Restaurant. But to the surprise of different diners, Aubrey’s pups started to rub their butts on the desk.

The personnel at Toast was once content material to let the canines have their method on the desk however different diners weren’t as forgiving. Some of them reached for his or her telephones and referred to as the Health Department.

Aubrey must get her pups to a vet briefly. The explanation why canines rub their butts on arduous surfaces is as a result of their anal glands swell up and wish to be expressed. It’s itchy and will also be painful for the canines.

Perhaps she doesn’t acknowledge the indicators however as a celebrity who turns out to like her pups, she must get them to a vet briefly.

Aubrey would possibly need to take a look at Ralph’s rationalization of Why Dogs Lick Their Butts.

And the whole tale of Aubrey’s lunch (entire with pet desk rubs) will also be discovered proper right here.

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