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The Belgian Laekenois, additionally known as the Belgian Shepherd Laekenois, is a breed of sq., robust canine that originated in Belgium. It belongs to the herding breed circle of relatives which is known for his or her being remarkable at controlling the motion of alternative animals. Belgian Laekenois is the rarest some of the Belgian Sheepdogs, and feature been bred to accomplish quite a lot of police purposes corresponding to bomb detection and seek and rescue. Their reasonably lengthy, wiry coat is tough, and generally comes between fawn to mahogany colours, in part coated with black.

Height and Weight

The male participants of the Belgian Laekenois breed in most cases stand a top of 24 to 26 in on the withers, whilst bitches are just a little shorter with a top of 22 to 24 in. Both sexes usually have a weight of about 55 to 65 lbs.


Belgian Laekenois, usually, are obedient and very smart canines identified to be made up our minds, alert, and watchful with their setting. To stay them from turning into shy and delicate, early socialization is beneficial. The breed wishes an skilled grasp who will also be company but delicate at disciplining them. Handlers additionally should be assured and constant of their management manner so they continue to be manageable. Because of the breed’s robust protecting in addition to territorial instincts, right kind coaching is vital. Additionally, Belgian Laekenois are unswerving, and very good with youngsters. To stay them from turning into damaging, right kind human management, ok workout, and dependable companionship should be supplied. Because in their robust searching instincts, they’re hardly depended on with small, non-dog animals.


Belgian Laekenois have reasonable coat care wishes. Their tough, wiry coat must be trimmed a few instances a yr. Owners must all the time take away their useless hair. Bathe the breed most effective when very vital.

Health Concerns

Belgian Laekenois are a hardy breed and not using a main well being problems. In reality, they’ve a mean existence expectancy of 12 to 14 years. Nonetheless, like every other dogs, they’re additionally at risk of a couple of well being issues corresponding to pores and skin hypersensitive reactions, eye defects, hip and elbow dysplasia.

Best Environment

With enough workout, participants of the Belgian Laekenois will do exactly high-quality in rental-dwelling. They are quite lively indoors, and can do neatly with get admission to to a mean backyard. The breed adapts to nearly all environments, however prefers chilly climates. Belgian Laekenois can thrive open air however can be at their highest when allowed to stick at house with their circle of relatives homeowners.

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