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The Belgian Sheepdog, sometimes called the Belgian Shepherd or Groenendaeler, is a well-liked breed of sq., muscular canine that originated in Belgium. It belongs to the herding breed circle of relatives which is notable for his or her remarkable talent to regulate the motion of different animals. Belgian Sheepdogs were bred to develop into sheep herders and cattle guardians. Their climate-evidence coat is reasonable in duration and has ruff of fur surrounding the neck. Extra feathering can be discovered on their tail, legs, and beneath their frame. Coat colours may both be forged black or with some white markings at the chin, chest, and feet.

Height and Weight

The male individuals of the Belgian Sheepdog breed most often stand a top of 24 to 16 in on the wither, and weigh 65 to 75 lbs. Bitches, alternatively, are moderately smaller with a commonplace top of 22 to 24 in, and a weight of 60 to 70 lbs.


Belgian Sheepdogs, generally, are very obedient and clever canine. They are full of life, made up our minds, and observant. They even have sturdy protecting in addition to territorial instincts. Unsurprisingly, Belgian Sheepdogs are regarded as to be the most well liked some of the 4 Belgian Shepherds. Socializing this herding canine early is very really helpful to stop shyness and sensitivity. Experienced masters additionally want to be company but delicate of their management. Being self-confident and constant when disciplining the Belgian Sheepdogs may be advisable. Additionally, the breed may be very dependable, alert and watchful. No marvel, they make dependable guard and police canine. They bond smartly with kids if socialized correctly, even though may also be quite dominating round different pets. Providing them with considerable management, workout, coaching, in addition to companionship would stay the Belgian Sheepdog pets from turning into damaging and uncontrollable.


To keep away from matting, Belgium Sheepdogs should be combed and brushed frequently. Clipping out the mats that shape within the ruffs across the legs would even be important. Clipping their hair may be advisable. Belgian Sheepdogs are seasonal heavy shedders.

Health Concerns

Members of the Belgian Sheepdog breed are normally wholesome. In truth, they have got a median lifespan of 13 to 14 years. Nonetheless, they’re nonetheless susceptible to a couple of well being problems. These come with hypersensitive reactions, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and eye issues.

Best Environment

Because the breed craves for consistent human companionship, they infrequently thrive as kennel canine. They require a house atmosphere and to be introduced up with a circle of relatives. Belgian Sheepdogs would possibly do tremendous in condo-dwelling however it might be very best if they have got get entry to to a backyard. Since the breed is a running canine that has been acquainted with a lively outside way of life, handlers have to supply them quite a few common workout.

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