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The Bergamasco Sheepdog, additionally known as Bergamo Shepherd Dog or just Bergamaschi, is a breed of medium-sized, compact canine that originated in Italy. It belongs to the herding breed circle of relatives which is common for his or her remarkable talent to regulate the motion of different animals. Bergamascos had been to start with used as herding canine. Their uniquely plentiful coat paperwork lengthy mats or flocks. Coat colours can also be anything else from grey to anthracite. It serves as a camouflage when the breed is out to paintings within the mountains.

Height and Weight

The male contributors of the Bergamasco Sheepdog breed usually stand a top of 23 ½ in on the withers, and weigh about 70 to 84 lbs. Bitches, alternatively, are fairly smaller with a normal top of 22 in, and a weight of 57 to 71 lbs.


Bergamasco Sheepdogs, typically, are a powerful, courageous, and extremely smart canine. They are a legitimate, non violent dog with a smartly-balanced temperament. The breed is attentive and reserved; repeatedly taking part in virtually the whole thing that is going on round them. Although Bergamascos don’t seem to be innately competitive, they nonetheless make very good watch and guard canine as they dislike intruders. They get alongside smartly with youngsters, and are recognized to be affected person, tolerant, and protecting with them. The breed may be nice with different canine and family animals particularly when they have got been socialized smartly early. Bergamascos don’t seem to be a puppy for everybody, however with the correct handler, the breed is usually a actual excitement to possess. They want an proprietor who can display a herbal air of authority over them. A company but mild management manner is essential to stay them manageable.


Bergamasco Sheepdogs don’t seem to be difficult in relation to grooming care. They most effective require brushing and bathing on an occasional foundation. They are thought to be to be minimum shedders.

Health Concerns

Bergamascos are normally a wholesome breed. As a question of reality, they have got a mean lifestyles expectancy of 13 to 15 years.

Best Environment

Members of the Bergamasco Sheepdog thrive perfect in spaces with seasonal to chilly climates. Because in their dense coat, the breed is generally discovered to spend their nights outside. They don’t seem to be appropriate for rental-dwelling, however would do smartly in dwellings with get admission to to a backyard. Taking those shepherd canine out for lengthy walks on a regular basis, or permitting them to romp round with youngsters can be extremely essential to can stay them satisfied.

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