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Best Dog Food for Brittany: 7 Vet Recommended Brands

Famous Brittanys are an excessively distinctive breed. A medium sized searching canine, they thrive within the box, retrieving birds. They had been as soon as most effective identified amongst hunters however are actually becoming more popular as pets. Whether yours is a running canine or a area puppy, it’s a must to feed the best possible pet food for Brittanys.

An historical French searching canine, professionals assume that the Brittany’s origins date again to AD 150.  Until 1982, the AKC registered those hunters as ‘Spaniel, Brittany’ and canine fanatics even as of late confer with them as ‘Brittany Spaniels.’

The Brittany is neither spaniel nor pointer – it’s someplace in between. They stand at about 20 inches on the shoulder and weigh 30-40 kilos. Brittanys are very excessive power and want a activity to do.

They are available in various daring colours in a dismal and white trend. Their hair is medium period, silky and sheds seasonally. They are excessive upkeep in terms of task, making them a just right are compatible for hunters and energetic households with older youngsters. Enthusiasts are in a position to revel in their Brittany spouse for a median of 12-14 years.

As discussed, their excessive power stage makes them slightly tough to feed. As an authorized veterinarian I see Brittany oldsters always. These are the 7 meals that I normally suggest as the most efficient pet food for Brittany in keeping with their age, well being situation and task stage:

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Best Dog Food for Brittany
7 vet beneficial manufacturers

Best Dog Food for Brittanys

How to Feed a Brittany

Before switching your canine to any new vitamin, all the time discuss with a veterinarian. Remember that no article on the net, together with this one, can substitute a session with a vet.

Puppy Brittanys

Brittany pups have a LOT of power, they usually want constant, top-notch diet to gas their hearth. They can look like bottomless pits, however don’t be tempted to provide them 2nd helpings.

Hill’s Ideal Balance Puppy Chicken and RiceBrittany’s are naturally lean, muscular canines and additional weight gained’t be doing them any favors as they develop. My advice as the most efficient pet food for Brittanys within the pet level is Hill’s Ideal Balance Puppy Chicken and Rice.

Hill’s Science Diet is a pace-setter in evidence-based diet for pets and their newest ‘naturals’ line does no longer disappoint. Brittany pups will devour so much, which will put a dent for your pocketbook when feeding top rate manufacturers.

Ideal Balance supplies top rate diet for a just right price. It sticks out as one of the vital best possible pet food for Brittanys no longer most effective on account of Hills’ recognition, however on account of its elements: actual rooster for high quality protein, pearled barley for just right glycemic keep an eye on, flaxseed and fish oil to strengthen wholesome mind building…and the listing is going on.

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Adult Brittanys

While the Brittany isn’t a Setter, one among my picks for the most efficient pet food for Brittanys is a Setter-specific meals. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Setter Adult. Royal Canin has finished so much in growing diet adapted to positive breeds.

Brittanys and Setters are equivalent sufficient that this meals shall be a very good selection for your canine.


These breeds have very equivalent facial constructions, which advantages from Royal Canin’s particular kibble design for the Setter. They each have excessive power necessities for energetic existence. Royal Canin’s recognition for high quality elements and just right style does no longer disappoint. Setters are a bit better than Brittany’s, so make sure you stick with the decrease vary at the feeding suggestions.

Kinetic Dog FoodBrittany canines are herbal athletes. They can run for miles or excel in brief sprints to flush out or retrieve a hen. It is necessary to stay the kind of task in thoughts when settling on the most efficient pet food for Brittanys.

If your Brittany is working lengthy distances, choose for a meals with upper protein ranges, as canines begin to burn protein as gas after about 30 mins of extended workout. Kinetic Dog Food is a smart possibility for Brittanys on this class.

Purina Pro Plan’s SportKinetic has a spread of high-protein and high-carbohydrate meals to suit your canine’s wishes. Lower protein ranges (26%) is extra suitable for agility canines, whilst upper protein (as much as 32%) are best possible for canines working longer distances. All in their merchandise are extraordinarily power dense, which means that you feed much less quantity and contributes to raised stool control.

If Kinetic isn’t to be had or from your worth vary, imagine Purina Pro Plan’s Sport line. It t has an excessively equivalent vary of efficiency canine meals and is subsidized through Purina’s dedication to high quality and evidence-based diet.

Senior Brittanys

If your senior Brittany remains to be energetic and going sturdy, it is very important gas them with getting older adjustments in thoughts. Dogs which were athletic of their lifetime are much more likely to be afflicted by degenerative joint illness (DJD) and painful arthritis. With right kind hospital treatment and the most efficient pet food for Brittanys, those canines can stay running within the box into their teenagers.

Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind Large Breed 7+Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind Large Breed 7+ supplies very good diet at an reasonably priced worth. They have a delectable, simply digested formulation this is best possible for energetic senior Brittany’s.

It nonetheless has a average quantity of protein (28%) with brain-boosting antioxidants and DHA omega fatty acids. Purina’s flat kibble design is simple for older canines to select up, bite and digest.

Cosequin ASU Sport for Dogs isn’t one of the vital best possible pet food for Brittanys, however it is a nice complement for this breed of their senior years. Senior Brittany’s might want a bit more potent dietary strengthen in terms of joint well being.

Cosequin ASU SportFor a long time the maker of Cosequin has supplied canines, cats and horses with high quality chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine merchandise. Their newest goals wearing canines, in particular reaping benefits their paws and joints.

Biotin, a construction block of wholesome hair, pores and skin and paw pads is incorporated in addition to a different herb…Boswellia. Boswellia serrata is exclusive herb hailing from India that may ease the ache led to through osteoarthritis.

Brittanys with Health Considerations

The Brittany is an excessively wholesome breed – having somewhat few breed-associated clinical issues. The maximum commonplace problems that may happen come with hypothyroidism and epilepsy. It’s much more necessary to seek out the most efficient pet food for Brittanys if they’re affected by this type of prerequisites.

Hypothyroidism has been famous within the Brittany breed for many a long time. They have a tendency to be afflicted by number one hypothyroidism, which means that that the thyroid tissue does no longer secrete sufficient thyroid hormone into the frame. Dogs that be afflicted by this situation frequently have uninteresting, brittle hair coats, weight acquire, trend hair loss round their midsection, joint problems and workout intolerance.

Natural Balance L.I.D. Sweet Potato and FishWhile hypothyroidism will also be effectively handled with thyroid hormone supplementation, their pores and skin problems frequently want a spice up from enhanced diet. Natural Balance L.I.D. Sweet Potato and Fish is a smart selection for Brittanys with this situation.

Feeding a vitamin excessive in omega-Three fatty acids, like this one from Natural Balance, can assist save you pores and skin infections and seborrhea which can be commonplace in canines with hypothyroidism. While pores and skin and hair adjustments would possibly not occur in a single day, they are able to occur a bit bit sooner with advanced diet.

Brittany spaniels additionally have a tendency to be over-represented in terms of epilepsy. The maximum regularly noticed type noticed in Brittany’s is inherited idiopathic epilepsy. This mainly signifies that the canine has seizures and there’s no transparent purpose as to why it occurs.

Secondary epilepsy led to through a number one downside like a mind tumor is way much less most likely in Brittany canines. The maximum commonplace time for Brittany’s to increase epilepsy is between 6 months and six years of age.

Seizures occur within the mind when electric impulses between neurons aren’t taking place as it should be. If your Brittany or his family have seizures, this is a just right concept to strengthen their mind well being up to conceivable. In this situation, I like to recommend Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets NeuroCare as the most efficient pet food for Brittanys.

This vitamin is scorching off the presses and to be had in the US beginning in March 2017. A analysis workforce from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in London confirmed vitamin in medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) can assist keep an eye on seizures. The RVC check vitamin with MCT oils (the Purina formulation) is the primary pet food to clinically reinforce epilepsy in canines. This could be very thrilling within the veterinary global, so make sure you search out your veterinarian for a prescription.

The Tail End

Brittany’s are healthiest once they reside an energetic way of life and are supplied with high quality meals. They can simply be as wholesome and glad at 13 as they had been at Three.

No two canines are alike and you realize your canine best possible. If you might have questions or considerations about your canine’s well being or diet, touch your veterinarian for extra recommendation.

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