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Bichon Frise: Breed information, pictures and facts

This vibrant white powder-puff has a fun-loving, satisfied nature and loves to socialize.



Bichon Frise at a Glance

Bichon Frise are preferably fitted to busy circle of relatives existence the place they’re going to thrive in an atmosphere of continuous job and consideration. They generally tend to dislike being by myself and will fortunately reside with different canines or with a human as long as they aren’t anticipated to entertain themselves all day.

Bichon Frise have that stunning coat that can want common upkeep and clipping, however have frequently been incorporated on hypoallergenic canine breed lists because of their non-shedding coat. They can nonetheless motive hypersensitive reactions, however will depart little hair for your furnishings.

Lifespan 12-14 years
Weight Five-10 kg
Height at Shoulder 25-30 cm

Who is a Bichon Frise Looking For?

I like to play, cuddle and spend time with my circle of relatives. I really like to enroll in my circle of relatives on outings and I experience the entire consideration I am getting with my stunning seems to be. I am getting along side different canines, children and infrequently even cats. I will be able to reside in an condo, as long as I am getting loads of outings too. 


Excitable. This is without a doubt a fun-loving breed. They like to play and are top power canines that depend on getting loads of workout and psychological stimulation. They are frequently very boisterous canines if now not given limits and love other folks and different canines.

Affectionate. This breed loves completely everybody and thrive in a circle of relatives the place they get loads of consideration. They love cuddles, brushing and play and wish to be with every other canine or their circle of relatives slightly than being left by myself for lengthy sessions.

Gentle. This mild breed likes to cuddle up at the sofa and be with the circle of relatives. They are adorable, candy and type and would by no means (intentionally) harm a fly.


Although Bichons are vigorous, playful little canines, they don’t require hours of strolling every day. They like to play on the park with different canines, chase balls and cross on outings with their house owners so are preferably fitted to households that may incorporate them into on a regular basis existence.

Exercise Requirements Medium – Zero.Five-1.Zero hour in keeping with day
Training Requirements Low – Zero-Zero.Five hours in keeping with day
Apartment Friendly? Yes


The top upkeep coat of the Bichon is normally lower within the function powder-puff carnation clip, that must be finished professionally each and every 6 weeks. You can on the other hand simply cross the all-over clippers lower which is less expensive and doesn’t wish to be finished reasonably so regularly. They frequently require day by day brushing to stay them tangle-free.

The hypoallergenic standing of the Bichon is accomplished as a result of they don’t shed. Like any breed they are able to nonetheless cause hypersensitive reactions, as people are normally allergic to a protein provide within the saliva and pores and skin of all canines. Having minimum shed simply manner there’s much less hair coated within the allergenic protein far and wide the home. You can learn extra about hypersensitive reactions and canines right here.

Coat Type Long
Hair Fall Low shed
Hypoallergenic Yes
Brushing High – Daily brushing required
Groomer Trips Yes, each and every 6-Eight weeks
Tick Friendly? No, laborious to test for ticks


Bichon Frise generally tend to like everybody, small creatures, different canines and children. They are somewhat tricky little issues so can reside with little toddlers as long as the kids are supervised with their interactions.

Family Friendly High – Good with kids of any age
Pet Friendly High – Good with different animals
Sociability High – Loves other folks and canines


Overall Expenses (Annual) Low $1000-$1500
Veterinary Expenses (Annual) Low – $100-$300
Food Expenses (Weekly) Low – $Five-$10

Bichon Frise can also be vulnerable to ear infections and infrequently hypersensitive reactions, however are differently low cost canines in the case of healthcare. They don’t price an excessive amount of to feed both. The major expense is with keeping up their coat with common journeys to the groomer, which will price $100 each and every couple of months.

Avg. Yearly Expense Low – $1000-$1500
Avg. Veterinary Expense Low – $100-$300
Weekly Food Expense Low – $Five-10



Allergies. Dogs with hypersensitive reactions generally tend to lick their toes and get widespread pores and skin and ear infections. Allergies can broaden round 1 yr of age and be associated with airborne allergens equivalent to pollens or meals hypersensitive reactions.

Dental illness. Small breed canines frequently get important dental illness, infrequently via deficient vitamin and loss of chewing, but in addition merely because of genetic elements. Implementing day by day brushing, diets that contain chewing and most likely water components can assist.

Luxating patella. Small breed canines frequently have knee caps that pop in and out, infrequently with out a ache, however in a rather small choice of instances they want surgical correction.

Tracheal cave in. Many small breed canines have a function ‘goose honk’ cough with workout or pleasure because of the tracheal cartilages being a bit vulnerable, this can result in larger chance of airway infections.

Immune mediated illness. Particularly immune mediated haemolytic anaemia or thrombocytopaenia . Both are extra commonplace in middle-aged feminine canines and contain the immune device attacking customary blood cells.


Bichons have a tendency for placing on weight, which shortens their lifespan and additionally places them extra in peril for osteoarthritis and knee issues.

Regular dental care equivalent to brushing and dental chews is essential for small breed canines who’re vulnerable to dental illness.


The Bichon Frise is of Mediterranean ancestry, and had been first registered as a breed in France. Their identify is regarded as a contraction of Barbichon, because of their descent from the Barbet or Water Spaniel. They are intently associated with Havanese, Poodles and Maltese. The ‘Frise’ a part of their identify refers back to the curly coat.

In the 1300s Italian sailors traded canines that had been very talked-about and beloved existence as a pampered lap canine. They had been very well-liked by Italian the Aristocracy and all over the Renaissance had been very talked-about among artists, together with Goya who incorporated a wonderful white lion-clipped canine just like the Bichon in his works.

During the 1800’s the Bichon Frise was once extra of a commonplace side road canine and had been frequently discovered accompanying organ grinders and doing tips in circuses and gala’s.


Petfinder lists all kinds of canines who want houses, each purebred and combined breeds, adults and domestic dogs.

Bichon Frise Club of America has Bichons throughout many of the US wanting new houses.

The ASPCA frequently has Bichons for adoption, do exactly a complicated seek on their adoption web page.

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