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Border Collies are perfect recognized for his or her intelligence and dealing roles as sheep herding canines.



Border Collies are a extremely smart breed and want a variety of workout and coaching. If you’re excited about proudly owning a Border Collie be ready to spend in way over 2 hours an afternoon together with your canine preserving that clever thoughts occupied. These canines want a variety of area, video games, puzzles and preferably a role or recreation to do, like agility or farm paintings.

Border Collies actually do want an skilled proprietor who loves to coach and any person very lively. In trade a Border Collie shall be responsive, loving and a laugh to proportion your existence with.


I’m on the lookout for an proprietor as lively as I’m. Someone who loves a run on the seaside, enjoying ball, coaching and agility or flyball. I would like to continue to exist a large belongings with a variety of different canines and other people. I bore simply, so I actually wish to be saved busy and I don’t love to be on my own. Please have in mind I like to herd and if you happen to don’t have the rest for me to do, I can spherical up the circle of relatives!


Lifespan 10-15 years
Weight 12-20 kg
Height (at shoulder) 50-53 cm



Playful – Life is only a recreation on your reasonable Border Collie. They love chase, ball-games and enjoying with different canines. As they grow older they may be able to grow to be a bit of lazy, but when saved at a wholesome weight will continuously keep playful into heart age.

Lively – Border Collies are very lively canines and want a variety of process and stimulation. They are continuously very excitable, specifically when their house owners come house.

Loyal – A Border Collie will continuously bond very intently to at least one individual within the circle of relatives and be extraordinarily unswerving. This can translate to a canine that’s not suited for lengthy classes of being on my own and even perhaps somewhat snappy if no longer socialized as it should be.

Intelligent – These clever canines are very trainable and want a minimum of 2 hours an afternoon of workout and coaching when younger and proceeding on into adult-hood. Without psychological stimulation and coaching they grow to be simply bored and occasionally damaging.


Exercise Requirements Very High – 2+ hours consistent with day
Training Requirements Very High – 2+hours consistent with day or operating canine (eg belongings or help canine)
Apartment Friendly? No


Border Collies are prime power canines that want a variety of workout and coaching. An process like agility, flyball, obedience paintings or dancing could be superb. If you reside close to a seaside or on a belongings and feature a variety of spare time, the Border Collie could be a excellent are compatible.


Trips to the Groomer No- simple care at house
Tick Friendly? No
Hypoallergenic No
Brushing High – Daily brushing required
Hair fall High Shed – you are going to be residing with a variety of hair
Coat Type Long


Border Collies actually desire a day by day brush or to be clipped steadily as they have got a dense coat that may be prime upkeep. They are preferably suited for chillier climates, fairly than sizzling climates, however their coat will also be insulating in hotter stipulations. Just be certain that there’s a dam or pool to leap into on warmer days if you happen to reside someplace with sizzling summers.


Good With Kids Excellent – Good with children of any age
Good With Other Small Pets Medium – Ok with different pets, supervision recommended
Sociability High – Loves different canines and perfect in a multi-dog family.


Border Collies are superb canines for multi-dog families. Having a dog playmate can assist to relieve boredom and burn off a few of that boundless power. They are typically k with children, however are continuously very busy canines so want their very own area and can also be very excitable as younger canines. An grownup Border Collie has a tendency to be very mild with younger or older children if socialized when younger.
Border Collies do tend to ‘herd’ different pets comparable to cats, so if they don’t seem to be given an outlet for this habits, they will have to be watched round smaller animals vulnerable to scare simply.


Overall Expenses (Annual) Medium – $1500-$2000
Veterinary Expenses (Annual) Medium – $200-$500
Food Expenses (Weekly) High (huge and large) – $20-$30+


Border Collies have a tendency to be tough, wholesome canines who don’t have huge well being issues. That being mentioned they do continuously put 110% effort into actions and will simply injure themselves within the procedure. They additionally want excellent high quality meals and a variety of it to energy that power area.



Ivermectin sensitivity – first described in 1983 some Collies are uniquely delicate to ivermectin, which is used for parasite remedy. The MDR1 gene mutation that reasons this sensitivity can also be examined for. Those canines with the mutation will have to be given ivermectin containing medicines with warning and is also extra prone to loperamide, digoxin, odansetrom and lots of chemotherapeutic medicine additionally.

Hip Displaysia – Border Collies are vulnerable to hip dysplasia, and whilst extra breeders are hip scoring in an try to breed out this devastating illness, in some instances it will probably nonetheless happen, specifically with overfeeding at a tender age.

OCD – Osteochondrosis Dissecans is a painful cartilage defect that happens in huge breed domestic dogs and repeatedly comes to the shoulder joint, however too can impact the elbows, knees or ankles (hocks). Like hip dysplasia it’s been related to over-feeding throughout the expansion section and extra calcium supplementation.


Border Collie breeders are generally very proactive in checking out for the genetic sicknesses Collie Eye Anomaly/Choroidal Hypoplasia, Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis and Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome, however you will have to test together with your breeder earlier than purchasing a Border Collie at the standing in their canines for genetic sicknesses.

Border Collies don’t seem to be preferably suited for spaces with ticks or seeding grass, because of their lengthy coat. However if steadily brushed or clipped they may be able to be a bit of more straightforward to control.

Border Collies will have to be fed a prime quality vitamin and an acceptable ration will have to be made up our minds to verify they don’t seem to be over-fed when rising to cut back the danger of hip dysplasia and OCD. They also are extra vulnerable to broaden cruciate ligament rupture and different orthopaedic accidents if allowed to grow to be obese.


Border Collies are all descended from a canine in Northumbria within the north of England known as Old Hemp who used to be a mythical sheep canine. His status and talents supposed that he sired huge numbers of domestic dogs for farmers who sought after superb sheep canines. Sheep canines in most cases wish to be speedy, stealthy and clever. They will have to be capable to learn sheep, reply handy alerts and like to paintings and herd sheep.

The bronze statue that stands at Fort Benton Montana, US used to be erected for Old Shep who saved a 6 yr vigil for his proprietor who died within the the town. Legend has it that Old Shep noticed his proprietor’s coffin being loaded onto a educate after he died in clinic and from then on he met every educate coming in, looking forward to his proprietor to go back. Sadly he used to be hit via a educate and died in 1942.

The Border Collie is ranked at primary in Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs.

Owners of operating Border Collies is also reluctant to possess a white canine as it’s idea that the sheep would no longer admire a white canine.


Petfinder lists all varieties of canines who want properties, each purebred and combined breeds, adults and domestic dogs.

Border Collie Rescue has Border Collies throughout lots of the US desiring new properties.

Border Collie Society of America additionally coordinates fostering and rescue of Border Collies US-wide.

The ASPCA continuously has Border collies for adoption, do just a complicated seek on their adoption web page.


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