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Known as without equal gentleman for its dapper excellent appears and mild nature the Boston Terrier makes a perfect condominium puppy and loves children.



Boston Terriers are classified as a non-sporting breed and are a long way got rid of from their combating, ratting pasts, having been bred principally as a spouse canine for plenty of generations. Generally they’re quiet canines and love folks and kids, regardless that if they’re poorly socialised as pups they are able to be a little bit frightened.

Bostons are strong, muscular and powerful canines and even supposing they have a tendency to be boisterous with boundless power, if exercised day-to-day can adapt to condominium residing.


I might feel free residing with a circle of relatives, unmarried individual or an older individual. So lengthy as I’m no longer left on my own for lengthy sessions, as I do like human corporate. I’m completely content material to snuggle up at the sofa and do not have consistent task and play like many different terrier breeds. I will be a little bit protecting of my circle of relatives from time to time, so please take care to coach and socialise me as a pet.


Lifespan 12-14 years
Weight Five-11 kg
Height (at shoulder) 38-43 cm



Stubborn/robust willed – Boston Terrriers are recognized to be a little bit cussed from time to time. They can also be simply skilled if motivated and most effective sure coaching strategies are used, however they’re going to incessantly have a thoughts of their very own.

Loyal – A Boston will incessantly bond very intently to at least one individual within the circle of relatives and be extraordinarily dependable. This can translate to a canine that isn’t suited for lengthy sessions of being on my own and even perhaps somewhat snappy if no longer socialized accurately.

Affectionate – Bostons love completely everybody and thrive in a circle of relatives the place they get plenty of consideration. They love cuddles, brushing and play and wish to be with every other canine or their circle of relatives relatively than being left on my own for lengthy sessions.


Exercise Requirements Low – Zero-Zero.Five hours in keeping with day
Training Requirements Low – Zero-Zero.Five hours in keeping with day
Apartment Friendly? Yes


Boston Terriers are small canines that don’t require energetic workout, however do love to move out on tours with the circle of relatives. They must no longer be left on my own for lengthy sessions and can bond very intently with their house owners. Training necessities are minimum, so they’re preferably suited for aged house owners and condominium dwellers.


Trips to the Groomer No- simple care at house
Tick Friendly? Yes
Hypoallergenic No
Brushing Low – Little to now brushing
Hair fall Moderate Shed- will drop some hair, however no longer over the top
Coat Type Short



Good With Kids Excellent – Good with children of any age
Good With Other Small Pets High – Good with different smaller animals
Sociability Medium – Can are living on my own or with others.


Boston Terriers are strong little canines that if socialised when younger are nice with children of any age. If no longer socialised they are able to be a little bit frightened and frightened about interactions with kids and different canines. They don’t have a prime prey power, not like different terriers, so maximum are secure with smaller animals equivalent to cats as long as they’re supervised.


Overall Expenses (Annual) Low $1000-$1500
Veterinary Expenses (Annual) Low – $100-$300
Food Expenses (Weekly) Low – $Five-$10




Tracheal cave in – many Bostons have a function ‘goose honk’ cough with workout or pleasure because of the tracheal cartilages being a little bit susceptible, this may end up in higher possibility of airway infections.

Dental illness – Small breed canines incessantly get important dental illness, now and again thru deficient nutrition and loss of chewing, but additionally merely because of genetic components. Implementing day-to-day brushing, diets that contain chewing and most likely water components can assist.

Luxating patella – Bostons incessantly have knee caps that pop out and in, now and again without a ache, however in a moderately small collection of instances they want surgical correction.

Brachycephalic Airway Disease – probably the most trade-offs for that lovable snub-nose is respiring difficulties, specifically with workout. Those slender nostrils and the lengthy cushy palate can also be surgically corrected to assist some canines. Most Bostons will snore and so they should steer clear of weight achieve or workout in scorching prerequisites.


Keeping your Boston Terrier a wholesome, lean weight will restrict orthopaedic sicknesses and headaches from luxating patellars, respiring difficulties and tracheal cave in.
Implementing some methods equivalent to water components, day-to-day brushing and chewing can assist restrict the chance of pricy dental remedy later in existence.

Avoid exercising your Boston within the warmth of the day, as they are able to simply overheat and increase heatstroke.

Having huge, protuberant eyes at the entrance of the top, with out coverage from a protracted nostril can imply that Bostons are extra liable to eye trauma. Some will even sleep with their eyes partially open, leaving them liable to drying. If your Boston has weepy, purple eyes or is squinting, see your vet right away for help.


The Boston Terrier is likely one of the few breeds that originates in the USA and was once the primary American bred breed to be registered via the American Kennel Club.

The Boston is referred to as the ‘American Gentleman’. They originated from one canine owned via Robert C. Hooper, coming from a Bull Terrier lineage. The breed was once highly regarded in Boston in 1870, which is the place it were given the identify Boston Terrier.

Boston Terriers are standard treatment canines in the USA and Canada because of their love of folks and calm temperament.

The spherical circle at the most sensible of a few Boston Terrier’s heads is referred to as the ‘kiss of God’ and is believed to constitute that the canine is descended from probably the most authentic Haggerty circle of relatives canines from the early 1900’s.


Petfinder lists all sorts of canines who want houses, each purebred and blended breeds, adults and pups.

The ASPCA incessantly has Bostons for adoption, do just a complicated seek on their adoption web page.

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