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Brave Dog Protects His Owner During Violent Creepy Clown Attack

Taylor Landon was once out strolling his canine in his Tulsa, Oklahoma community when a bizarre-looking clown attacked him. Landon says his Black Lab, JoJo could have stored his existence that night time.

“All of a sudden he barked real quick. I turned around and there was the clown and he struck me,” he advised KTUL Channel eight. The violent clown punched Landon sq. within the face, with out as soon as uttering a phrase.

Landon and JoJo fought off the attacker and, after they have been in a position, ran away. But, Landon says when he appeared again, the creepy clown was once simply status there, staring at after which started strolling slowly towards them.

According the Landon, the clown was once dressed in “full makeup, white makeup, red lips and red on his chin, orange afro, and a full kind of rainbow costume on. It was super weird, super creepy,” Landon mentioned. He additionally warned that folks must be extra cautious of clowns and take the specter of them, critically.

Police counsel that folks keep away from dressing as clowns this Halloween season.


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