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The Canaan Dog, also referred to as Kelef Okay’naani, is a breed of medium-sized, sq. canine that originated in Israel. It belongs to the herding breed circle of relatives which is notable for his or her remarkable skill to regulate the motion of different animals. Canaan Dogs had been bred to herd sheep. Their flat double coat is harsh and somewhat tough beneath, and comfortable and immediately outdoor. Coat colours recurrently come with cast black, brown, tan, crimson, sandy, white, liver, or a mix of liver and white, black and white, and brown and white.

Height and Weight

Both the female and male contributors of the Canaan Dog breed typically stand a top of 19 to 24 in on the withers, and weigh between 35 to 55 lbs.


Canaan Dogs, typically, are alert, lively, and very smart canine. They are very docile, unswerving, and faithful towards their circle of relatives homeowners. The breed could also be unbiased, and of course protecting; making them superb guard and watchdogs. Canaan Dogs don’t simply excel as herders however in appearing more than a few duties as smartly. They stand out on canine sports activities that contain dependability in addition to obedience like agility and monitoring trials. The breed has a tendency to reply smartly to sure coaching, despite the fact that can get simply uninterested in repetition. Canaan Dogs have a continuing intuition to offer protection to their territory, and are prone to bark excessively. They have upper ranges of dominancy as in comparison to different dogs. The breed has the propensity to change into canine competitive so handlers should be company but mild sufficient in appearing their authority over the canine. Early socialization is vital to accustom them smartly with other folks, points of interest, and sounds. It can even assist Canaan Dogs stay keep away from turning into aloof round strangers. Additionally, right kind management and intensive coaching are important to stay the breed solid-minded.


Canaan Dogs are really easy to groom. Their no-fuss coat handiest must be combed each and every few days. Bathe periods will also be accomplished when important. The breed is a seasonal shedder.

Health Concerns

Members of the Canaan Dog breed is a relatively wholesome breed. They have a median lifestyles expectancy of 12 to 15 years. Nevertheless, like some other dog, the breed could also be vulnerable to a couple of well being problems. These come with epilepsy, hypothyroidism, innovative retinal atrophy, hip or elbow dysplasia, cryptrchidism, luxating patella, and osteochondrosis dessicans.

Best Environment

Canaan Dogs are able to thriving as condo canine only if they get to obtain good enough quantity of workout. Access to a backyard is perfect. They can adapt to dwelling outdoor, despite the fact that they like napping with their circle of relatives homeowners indoors. The breed is adaptable to both chilly or scorching climate stipulations.

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