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Canine Prisoner of War: Taliban Capture Military Working Dog

talibanAfghani Taliban have launched photos of what they declare is an army running canine captured from US Troops all the way through a raid in jap Afghanistan in December.

In the video proven under, Taliban participants brag that they fought off American troops and captured the canine, a Belgian Malinois they are saying is called Colonel, in conjunction with a number of guns normally utilized by American Special Forces.

ABC News stories,

It is thought that that is the primary army running canine identified to were captured by way of the Taliban. The Army has 578 canine groups that experience served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Four canine have died in Afghanistan since March 2011.

The video presentations Taliban opponents surrounding the canine, who’s dressed in a vest geared up with a GPS monitoring software, a digicam, and a mild. This vest is standard of the ones worn by way of army running canine and the ones hired by way of particular forces. It is obvious, by way of the canine’s frame language within the video, that he’s afraid and/or traumatic  and at a loss for words round his captors.

A spokesperson for NATO showed army running canine went lacking in December. This video is the primary showed sighting of what they imagine is that lacking MWD.

Military running canine are regularly used for sniffing and bomb detection or teamed with Special Forces for defense and scouting. A Belgian Malinois named Cairo used to be instrumental within the raid on Bin Laden’s compound in 2011. These canine additionally supply companionship and spice up morale for his or her handler, their unit, and all of the base.

Afghans don’t seem to be identified for being canine fans and, unfortunately, as soon as the newness and propaganda price wears off, Colonel’s long run isn’t vibrant.

See extra US News from ABC|ABC World News

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