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Today’s Info About Pets

Feliway for Cats: A Pet Parent’s Guide

Feliway is a protected, efficient and herbal option to beef up downside conduct and assist your cat to deal with adjustments corresponding to transferring space and introducing new pets. What is Feliway? Cats are very at risk of pheromones, let’s face it they use them always to make their atmosphere …

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Hedgehog Care – Caring for Pet Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs: Think of them as an out-sized, meat-consuming hamster lined in spikes! This would possibly sound the stuff of nightmares, however if truth be told hedgehogs proportion a number of characteristics in commonplace with a hamster. For instance they’re each nocturnal, wish to reside on my own, run lengthy distances …

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FLUTD – Why My Cat Won’t Pee

What do FLUTD, kennel cough, and eczema all have in not unusual? They are all umbrella phrases that describe a suite of signs, somewhat than nailing down a analysis. For instance, ‘eczema’ describes infected, scaley pores and skin, however it doesn’t let you know the purpose; which might be an …

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Why is My Cat Vomiting?

Most cats vomit now and again, so how have you learnt when to fret? This depends upon whether or not the cat is differently smartly or has well being downside inflicting her to vomit. Clear as dust? Look at it this fashion. Occasional vomiting can also be commonplace. For instance, …

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Heartworm in the US | Love That Pet

Heartworms are foot-long worms that reside in the center, lungs, and primary blood vessels of pets. It feels like one thing from a horror film, however worse… it’s a fact. Whilst US canine house owners rightly concern about heartworm, this parasite too can infect cats and ferrets, at the side …

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