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Charlie Daniels Wonders ‘if NFL Has Reached a Tipping Point’

Charlie Daniels says whilst he’s a “dyed in the wool football fan,” he suspects the NFL “has reached a tipping point,” as extra Americans are expressing their disapproval of avid gamers protesting the nationwide anthem.

The mythical American singer, songwriter, and guitarist explains in a column at CNSNews.com the importance of the betrayal of the NFL protests:

In a rite that again and again comes to a army colour guard, a flyover or any other image of our army, disrespecting the flag, the banner they fought beneath and the anthem that used to be performed once they have been despatched off to battle, cuts deep within the veteran inhabitants.

Daniels admits that he’s ambivalent about whether or not the “highest office in the land” is the “proper venue for the airing out of such a divisive issue.” Nevertheless, he sees all of it coming to a head, specifically in gentle of a CBS Sports document remaining yr that noticed two polls discovered a majority of Americans disagreed with Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling throughout the nationwide anthem as a type of protest.

According to the document:

In one ballot, which used to be carried out by way of Reuters, 72 p.c of Americans stated that they concept Kaepernick’s habits used to be unpatriotic. Another 61 p.c stated that they don’t “support the stance Colin Kaepernick is taking and his decision not to stand during the national anthem.”

In some other ballot, which used to be carried out by way of SurveyMonkey, 44 p.c of other people stated they’re “not supportive at all of Kaepernick’s protest.” Another 29 p.c stated they did give a boost to it and the remaining have been not sure.

“There are even those who refuse to go to or even watch a game on television, and with the NFL’s recent ratings and attendance dip, this can’t be good news for a sport which has dominated the airwaves for a quarter century or so,” Daniels writes, lamenting that America will have reached such a politically divisive level at which “even a sporting event has to be politicized.”

The singer provides:

The upshot will more than likely no longer be the “killing of the golden goose,” however may just smartly consequence within the serious wounding as a significant slice of NFL earnings comes from tv. If scores fall sufficient for those networks – since they’re in it for the cash, regardless of how sympathetic they will seem – they usually in finding they may be able to make extra by way of losing skilled soccer and broadcasting a tiddlywinks match, they’ll achieve this.

Jazz Shaw at Hot Air if truth be told suggests the Left has created what quantities to a “brilliant scam” at the back of the NFL protests:

This isn’t about protesting racism, police misconduct or the rest of the kind. What we’re looking at is doubtlessly one of the vital biggest crimson herrings within the historical past of American political scams … What we’re seeing is a virtually sensible and concerted effort to wreck, if no longer do away with, the National Football League.

Echoing Daniels’s view of the patriotism frequently steadily displayed at NFL video games, Shaw continues:

[T]he activist Left has despised the NFL for years. They hate the entirety about it. It’s a recreation full of large, tricky, manly males enticing within the closest factor to war you’ll organize with out weapons. It’s a recreation rife with symbolism and, sure… nationalism. Even individuals who would by no means purchase an album from a nation singer may just really feel their blood heating up when Hank Williams used to sing, Are you Ready for Some Football. The army loves soccer they usually fly jets over the stadiums in formation and ship our country’s greatest out to pay tribute. And it’s no longer simply the army. Our police and different first responders are often known as out for honors on the video games. Everything about it screams of apple pie, fireworks and patriotism. (Or, for those who favor, God, weapons and flags.) And the activist Left hates it. Probably the one carrying match they despise extra is NASCAR.

Several house owners of NASCAR groups, after all, have already sponsored President Donald Trump’s advice that NFL avid gamers who protest the nationwide anthem will have to be fired.

The sense that the NFL has crossed a line and can not flip again is extra palpable than ever, worries Daniels.

“[E]ven a football junkie like me has to wonder if the NFL has reached a tipping point, an over saturation, such a ready availability that any novel appeal has been rubbed off and that the broadcaster’s foray into political and social comment is an irritating pill to swallow,” he says.

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