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Common Myths & Misconceptions About Prong/Pinch Collars

prongcollarAs an authorized skilled canine teacher I don’t use this instrument nor do I like to recommend its use. There are some commonplace myths and misconceptions with regards to collars like those that I will be able to be addressing under. If you’re recently the usage of one I extremely recommend you turn to every other instrument discussed under.

What is a prong collar?

A prong collar is a tool that has steel fang-shaped prongs on it this is worn round a canine’s neck. When it’s pulled tight the prongs create a pinching impact, which reasons ache or discomfort for the canine. The method a tool like this works is by means of Positive Punishment, which is when the canine does an improper conduct, (pulling) the human then offers a collar correction, which reasons the ache or discomfort and in idea will lower the frequency of the pulling. It may also paintings by means of Negative Reinforcement. This is when the canine hits the top of the leash inflicting the prongs to tighten. The prongs keep tightened till the canine stops pulling. The canine learns that if it pulls, it will get pinched so it stops pulling.

“What do you do if you have a strong, heavy, stubborn dog?”

I like to recommend the usage of a harness that the leash attaches within the entrance of. This provides you with extra energy than any form of neck collar. This works as a result of if the canine tries to drag, the place the leash is hooked reasons the entrance finish of the canine’s frame to be grew to become again towards the human. This takes away lots of the canine’s leverage. I additionally counsel the usage of Positive Reinforcement to show the canine what you could love it to do.

“This works great because it mimics the mother’s teeth grabbing her puppy’s neck.”

This is fake. There isn’t any clinical knowledge to again this up. Nor do you want to “bite your dog’s neck” to show it what it’s meant to do.

“They are the most humane of all the pinch collars.”

Everyone has a distinct definition of humane. I imagine humane instructing with out ache or worry. These gadgets paintings via pinching and poking the canine’s neck to get it to conform.  This is what may be known as avoidance coaching. The canine does the proper factor to keep away from the ache or discomfort. Positive Reinforcement will yield sooner effects that may paintings higher within the quick time period and the long run.

“You just need to know how to use them correctly.”

In my opinion, there’s no proper method to harm a canine. Using those the “right” method is composed of the usage of both Positive Punishment or Negative Reinforcement. Both of which don’t paintings as temporarily as Positive Reinforcement and each may have unfavorable unwanted side effects not like Positive Reinforcement.

“They don’t hurt the dog if used properly.”

This is fake. If they didn’t reason ache or discomfort they wouldn’t paintings. If that had been the case they’d paintings magically. The two quadrants used when coaching with a collar like this are Positive Punishment (the canine receiving one thing it dislikes after it does a conduct, and Negative Reinforcement (the ache/discomfort is got rid of when the canine is doing the proper factor.) These two quadrants most effective paintings as a result of ache or discomfort and feature been confirmed to be much less efficient than Positive Reinforcement.

“My dog never yelped or was injured.”

Just as a result of your canine isn’t appearing that it’s being harm, it doesn’t imply it isn’t being harm. Most canine don’t display that they’re in ache until it’s at the excessive facet.

“My dog gets excited when the collar comes out! Would he do that if it were cruel?”

This is a commonplace one. Your canine will get excited when he sees it as a result of he pals it with going for a stroll. He loves walks so this is why he will get excited.

“The reality is that all dogs can’t be trained the same way, sometimes these tools are needed.”

False as soon as once more. As a certified teacher I’ve labored with canine of all breeds, sizes, temperaments and so on. Myself in conjunction with 1000’s of alternative running shoes everywhere in the global don’t use equipment like those and get the effects that individuals are on the lookout for in a humane method.

If you’ve gotten a robust canine, purchase a harness that permits the leash to be clipped within the entrance, or a head halter if want be. Also, check out the movies under to peer easy methods to in fact train your canine to stroll on a unfastened leash. If you base your coaching on verbal exchange, you are going to have extra amusing and get sooner effects.

Kevin is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer in the course of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT.org)  and is a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator in the course of the American Kennel Club. He recently is living in Ohio together with his canine, V, a six-year-old Shepherd/Lab combine, the place he operates All Dogs Go To Kevin, LLC, focusing on serving to construct certain relationships between people and their dog partners the usage of transparent verbal exchange, no longer ache and worry. For extra coaching pointers and tips, and to satisfy his wonderful canine, V,  observe him on Facebook via clicking right here.

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