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Cox starts charging data cap overage fees in California

“Perhaps you should switch to another cable company… oh, that’s right, we’re the only one in town.”
Cox has began charging overage fees to shoppers who exceed their data limits in California, bringing the country’s 3rd biggest cable corporate a little bit nearer to national deployment of data caps.

Previously, Cox’s California shoppers technically had per month caps, however there was once no enforcement of overage fees. Moving ahead, Cox subscribers in the state pays $10 for each and every further block of 50GB when they move the per month cap.

Customers who signed up for the 1Gbps “Gigablast” carrier previous to September 26 of this yr gets limitless data plans at no further price, whilst all different California shoppers could have a 1TB (1,024GB) cap.

But whilst Cox shoppers in any other states will pay an additional $50 for limitless data, that possibility does not appear to be to be had in any of Cox’s 4 California markets (Orange County, Palos Verdes, San Diego, and Santa Barbara). Cox posts region-by-region main points of its data caps and overage fees at this webpage.

Before this week, Cox was once already imposing data caps and overage fees in Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, and Oklahoma. Cox customers in Rhode Island and Virginia nonetheless technically have per month caps however no enforcement of overage fees, whilst Massachusetts and North Carolina appear to be exempt from the Cox data caps altogether. Cox operates in 18 states and has about 6 million residential and trade shoppers.

The Comcast style

Cox has in large part adopted the Comcast data cap style, with the similar overage fees and the sluggish city-by-city rollout.

The new overage fees drew the eye of The San Diego Union-Tribune. “Just under 2 percent of Cox Communications’ subscribers in San Diego blow past their one-terabyte data cap each month, said [Cox] spokeswoman Ceanne Guerra,” the paper reported the day before today.

But that proportion will nearly unquestionably upward push through the years except Cox adjusts the cap upwards. In overdue 2013, when Comcast enforced a 300GB per month cap, the corporate stated that most effective 2 p.c of its shoppers used greater than that. By overdue 2015, that was once as much as eight p.c, and Comcast boosted the cap to 1TB.

Many shoppers have disputed overage fees, pronouncing the Comcast meter is flawed, and in some instances the purchasers were confirmed proper.

Regardless of what brought about an overage, Comcast customer support reps incessantly inform shoppers who bitch about top data readings that any person else could be the usage of their community, and Cox seems to be heading down the similar trail.

“Some people are just heavy users for whatever reason,” Guerra stated, consistent with the Union-Tribune. “But there are some customers, we think, who have in-home Wi-Fi and maybe they have not secured it with a password. So it may be open and other people might be tapping into it.”

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