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The Dogo Argentino, additionally known as the Argentine Mastiff, is a breed of enormous, muscular canine that originated in Argentina. It belongs to the miscellaneous elegance below the running crew which is exceptional for his or her excellence at wearing out police jobs corresponding to guarding belongings, sled-pulling, and or seek and rescue. Dogo Argentinos had been in the beginning bred to seek wild boar and puma. Their thick and shiny unmarried coat is mainly white in colour, even though some individuals of the road have some black spots on their head referred to as “pirata”.

Height and Weight

Both the female and male individuals of the road most often stand a peak of 24 to 27 in on the withers, and weigh about 80 to 100 lbs.


Dogo Argentino canines, basically, are unswerving canines that make superb guard canines at house. They are playful and identified to get alongside neatly with youngsters. The breed could also be very clever and robust. With company but mild management, Dogo Argentinos may also be really easy to coach. They are nonetheless now not a puppy for everybody. The breed wishes a constant and assured handler who can show a herbal air of authority over them. The mature individuals of the road are fairly competitive round different dogs. Early socialization is essential to accustom the breed with different family animals.

Height and Weight

Both the female and male individuals of the Dogo Argentino breed most often stand a peak of 24 to 27 in on the withers, and weigh 80 to 100 lbs.


Dogo Argentinos don’t seem to be hard in relation to the grooming division. They simplest require occasional brushing. Their nails, then again, must be trimmed continuously. The breed has no pup scent, and so they simplest shed relatively.

Health Concerns

Dogo Argentinos are moderately a wholesome breed.

Best Environment

Members of the Dogo Argentino breed will do wonderful in condo residing only if they get to obtain sufficient workout. Access to a median-sized backyard is beneficial. Owners must make certain that their Dogo pets are inside of the home when the temperature drops to under freezing. The breed calls for an excessive amount of workout. Taking them out for lengthy walks or jogs on a regular basis can stay those huge canines glad.

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