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EA response to ‘Battlefront II’ complaint is the most downvoted comment in Reddit history

Just as many of us revel in a pleasant chilly Goose Island delicate ale then again hate the beer megacorp AB InBev which owns it, so to is the rage palpable in opposition to Electronic Arts which owns many a beloved franchise then again is a long way lower than the sum of its portions.

Today, that dislike is moderately further quantifiable thank you to a comment on Reddit from the account “EACommunityResponse” which sought to be offering coverage to the corporate’s solution to give protection to standard characters from being in an instant to be had to consumers who succeed in Battlefront II, which has its world release later this week. The comment used to be once made about 24 hours in the earlier and has grow to be the most downvoted comment in the history of Reddit via a margin far-and-wide.

At the time of writing, the posting had a complete rating (upvotes minus downvotes) of over -394,000. For point of view the second-most downvoted submit had a rating of -24,333. In 2015, Reddit detailed that they’ve been receiving about 2 million feedback in step with day on moderate, and given how terrible such a lot of of them are, this is certainly an important feat.

This submit is on the subject of surely getting down-voted en masse at the supply worth thank you to a bot team, butttt the submit has gaining numerous consideration with 1000’s of responses most ceaselessly lambasting EA for messing with the gaming trade.

Gaming is one thing Redditors are certainly keen about, the r/gaming subreddit has over 17 million subscribers and is the ninth most-popular body of workers on the web site total.

The drawing close possibility of mobile led to online recreation creators to adapt and form how they thought to be the long run of gaming, for EA and a number of of the different father or mother companies which lorded over studios possessing beloved franchises, this adaptation used to be once a long way from refined. While entities like Nintendo have survived and thrived in the face of the ones existential threats via proceeding to craft epic, whole storylines whilst tacitly embracing DLC to from time to time upload to very good critiques like Breath of the Wild, EA has long past the further overt path.

This particular referenced example highlights how players are upset that EA has followed freemium pay constructions into video video video games which could be, in reality, full-priced. Not being ready to play as central Star Wars characters in a recreation most efficient desirous about enjoying as central Star Wars characters until you release them after dozens of hours of gameplay or paying a worth is now not a great way to foster loyalty and admiration.

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