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Elon Musk revealed a new plan to colonize Mars with giant reusable spaceships — here are the highlights

Elon Musk needs to
colonize Mars with SpaceX.
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Elon Musk, the billionaire founding father of SpaceX, has offered an
up to date plan for
colonizing Mars with 1 million folks.

The International Astronautical Congress in
Adelaide, Australia, hosted Musk’s presentation on Friday, and
SpaceX streamed video of the tournament by the use of
a YouTube Live feed. (You can replay the 42-minute communicate

Musk tweeted
on Monday that he’d unveil “major improvements” and “sudden
programs” in the communicate, which is an replace to his
one-hour presentation eventually yr’s IAC in Guadalajara,
Mexico — the place he revealed his preliminary plans to construct gigantic
ships to achieve Mars.

“The long term is massively extra attention-grabbing and thrilling if we are a
space-faring civilization and a multi-planet species than if
we are not,” Musk said on Friday. “I will be able to’t recall to mind anything else extra
thrilling than going in the market amongst the stars.”

Here are the highlights of Musk’s new presentation.

Musk mentioned cheaper price is the largest replace

“I believe the maximum necessary factor I am going to put across on this
presentation is that I believe we’ve got found out how to pay for
it,” he added, referring to the release device.


Musk up to now known as it the “Interplanetary Transport System”
or ITS, however this yr he re-adopted an older title: the BFR, which
is brief for “Big F—ing Rocket.”

“We’re still sort of searching for the right name,” he added.

Musk mentioned the purpose of the BFR is to “cannibalize” and exchange all
of SpaceX’s present release and spaceflight programs, together with its
229-foot-tall Falcon nine rocket, the upcoming Falcon Heavy rocket,
and Dragon (its spaceship for NASA).

“If we will do this, then all the sources that are used or
Falcon nine, [Falcon] Heavy, and Dragon … will also be implemented to this
device,” he mentioned.

SpaceX is actively construction and trying out portions of the BFR

Earlier this yr, SpaceX constructed a 39-foot-wide gas tank for the
spaceship made from carbon-fiber.

Engineers then installed on a barge, towed it into the ocean, and

effectively pressure-tested it (to be certain that it would maintain
the stress of retaining 1,200 heaps of liquid oxygen).

The check used to be a success — however Musk mentioned they driven it so far as
it would move to see when it might burst.

“It shot about 300 ft into the air and landed in the ocean.
Then we fished it out,” Musk mentioned.

He added that a operating carbon-fiber tank — the core of the BFR
spaceship — is very important to maintaining the spacecraft light-weight
and environment friendly.

Musk additionally recapped the growth on its giant
Raptor rocket engines.

The new plan is to put 31 Raptor engines on the backside BFR’s major
rocket (no longer 42 engines), giving it extraordinarily robust carry —
sufficient to loft 150 heaps into low-Earth orbit, the place the area
station is living.

Dozens of exams display the engines seem to paintings neatly.

Musk defined how SpaceX has labored out a number of key applied sciences
required to execute the Mars plan

One key era he famous used to be
reusable, self-landing rockets. This scheme massively reduces
steep value of spaceflight through the years, since each different
orbital release device discards the rocket after one use.

“We now have 16 successful landings in a row,” Musk mentioned. “I
suppose we will get to a touchdown reliability this is on par with the
most secure business airliners.”

If that occurs, Musk mentioned “you can count on the landing” at

He additionally mentioned computerized docking of spacecraft is very important, since
this may occasionally permit simple refueling of the BFR in area. Over the
years, SpaceX has been perfecting this system with its Dragon
spacecraft at the International Space Station.

Dragon additionally gave SpaceX a probability to paintings on warmth shields to
give protection to the BFR’s spaceship right through atmospheric access.

Musk revisited SpaceX’s setbacks and growth that led towards the
BFR’s construction

He defined how SpaceX nearly failed as a corporate early on
as a result of “nobody good would join,” he mentioned, partially main to
3 release disasters of its early Falcon 1 device. The fourth
release labored — despite the fact that if it hadn’t, SpaceX would have long gone

“Fate liked us that day,” Musk mentioned, including that Friday used to be the
release’s 9th anniversary.

A comparability of all of
SpaceX’s rockets.

Where Falcon 1 wasn’t reusable, Falcon nine lately is set 70%
reusable. Meanwhile, Falcon Heavy — SpaceX’s greatest rocket
device up to now, and due for a debut release later this yr — is
necessarily 3 reusable Falcon nine boosters strapped in combination.

The higher phases of all of those rockets don’t seem to be but totally
reusable, including to their value. But the BFR, Musk mentioned, shall be
100% reusable and in a position to lift 5 instances the payload of a
Falcon Heavy rocket.

New illustrations display the up to date design of the BFR and its
(somewhat smaller) spaceship

The two-section BFR shall be about 30 ft vast, 348 ft lengthy,
and weigh four,400 heaps at release — just about ten instances the mass of the
International Space Station.

“It’s really quite a big vehicle,” Musk mentioned.

particular person close to the heart supplies a sense of

The spaceship itself will stretch about 157 ft and weigh just about
1,200 heaps totally fueled.

The higher part shall be devoted to payload, the place sufficient shipment
may are compatible to fill an Airbus A380 plane (which shipping
masses of folks on long-distance world flights).

The fin-like delta wing on the spaceship, he added, will assist
stabilize the craft right through release and touchdown, regardless of the place it
is going in the sun device — the Earth, moon, Mars, or much more
far away worlds.

Inside, there will have to be room for approximately 40 staff cabins and 100
staff individuals, in addition to a safe haven from sun hurricane
radiation, a galley, leisure space, and not unusual spaces.


The presentation additionally confirmed the guts of the new send and the way
it might paintings

Musk mentioned the inside construction is designed to stay gas from
sloshing round an excessive amount of and throwing the spaceship off-balance
right through touchdown.

It will burn methane (CH4) with oxygen, either one of which
he hopes to harvest from carbon dioxide in the Martian air and
water in the soil.


The Raptor engines have redundant portions, Musk mentioned, so if
anything else fails it would proceed to land. Even if a heart engine
fails, the spacecraft may get through.

“We want the landing risk to be as close to zero as possible,” he


When a fully-loaded BFR spaceship is introduced, it’s going to expend
maximum of its gas to get into orbit round Earth or Mars — so
any other send may have to provide a replenish of oxygen and methane.

Musk shared this animation appearing how computerized docking would
assist two ships attach and refuel the major one.

Despite the BFR’s large measurement, Musk says it’s going to be strangely

Although BFR may well be the greatest rocket device ever advanced…

The BFR is at the proper.

…Musk defined that its complete reusability — in the longer term —
construct in financial savings and make it the least expensive to release.

The BFR is at the left and is the least expensive to

“At first glance, this may seem ridiculous. But it’s not,” Musk

He used business aviation for example. A single-engine
turbo-prop plane prices $1-2 million, he mentioned, and can not get
from Los Angeles to Australia. However, a 747 — whilst first of all
thousands and thousands — prices about $500,000 to constitution the flight and will
lift masses of folks.

“It’s actually loopy that we construct those subtle rockets, and
then crash them each time we fly,” he said. “This is mad …
reusability is really elementary.”

SpaceX would possibly quilt its Mars program’s huge prices through the use of it
round Earth

Musk mentioned the purpose is to pour all of SpaceX’s income, from
launching satellites to ferrying astronauts to the area station,
into investment the BFR.

But as soon as the device is constructed and proven to paintings, he added, it’s going to
start to pay for itself in different ways.

He floated the concept of launching a area telescope with a replicate
10 instances the floor space of Hubble’s — “as a unmarried unit, it
does not have to spread or anything else,” Musk mentioned.


And in a crazier however most likely essential use case, Musk urged
the use of a BFR’s giant fairing and payload bay to scoop up and get
rid of outdated satellites.

“If you sought after to … blank up area particles, it’s essential to kind of
use this chomper,” he mentioned.

Musk mentioned additionally it is designed to provider and resupply the area
station for NASA.


“I know it looks a little big,” Musk mentioned, “however the area station
additionally appeared a little giant.”

BFR may also be just right for putting in place a everlasting moon base

Musk has a plan to use the spaceship to do moon missions with out
refueling, as a staff would have to if going to Mars.


“It’s 2017. We should have a lunar base by now,” Musk mentioned. “I
imply, what the hell is occurring?


Mars missions will require a lot more making plans, despite the fact that

For one BFR spaceship to achieve Mars, it might have to be loaded up
with the gas from 4 different spaceships.

But with a totally expendable car, the value could be rather
small to do that.


Musk mentioned as soon as the first project arrives 3 to six months
after leaving Earth, it might have to arrange a propellant depot to
create methane and breathable air for the go back shuttle.

On Earth, this refueling — if performed with solar energy — would have
the added advantage of scrubbing the air of carbon dioxide.

SpaceX is pursuing an competitive timeline to make the BFR a

The corporate is already acting simulations of its designs
Mars, together with slowing down in the planet’s surroundings and
sticking the touchdown.

Musk sooner or later pulled up a slide that means SpaceX will
release and land a minimum of two uncrewed shipment ships on Mars in
2022. One will hunt down the very best supply of water, and the different
will construct a propellant plant.

“That’s not a typo, although it is aspirational,” Musk mentioned.
“We’ve already began construction the device. The tooling for the
major tanks has been ordered, the facility is being constructed.”


He added that building on the first send will start in six to
9 months.

“I believe slightly assured that we will entire the send and be
in a position or release in about 5 years,” Musk said. “Five years
turns out like a very long time to me.”

Then, in 2024, Musk mentioned he needs to fly 4 ships to Mars —
together with the first folks to consult with the pink planet. From there,
more and more missions may determine and develop a

Ultimately, Musk needs to terraform Mars and “make it a great
position to reside.”

Rapid transit through spaceship?

For those that suppose a giant spaceship constructed for Mars would have
little to no relevance to their lives, Musk presented a ultimate
imaginative and prescient to his target market: 30-minute flights from nearly any level
on Earth to any other, striking the Concorde jet to disgrace.

Watch an animation of the proposed shuttle scheme beneath.

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