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The Entlebucher Mountain Dog, sometimes called Entlebucher Sennenhund or just Entlebucher, is a breed of huge strong canine that originated in Switzerland. It belongs to the herding breed circle of relatives which is noteworthy for his or her excellence at appearing more than a few jobs equivalent to guarding assets, sled-pulling, and or water-rescuing. Entlebucher Mountain Dogs have been in the beginning bred to protect and herd, however later stored as energetic circle of relatives partners. Their clean coat is available in a symmetrical development of black, tan, and a few white markings.

Height and Weight

Both the female and male contributors of the Entlebucher Mountain Dog breed typically stand a top of 19 to 20 in on the withers, and weigh 55 to 66 lbs.


Entlebuchers, typically, is a sociable canine that likes to be with other people. They are alert, energetic, and have a tendency to be very keen to thrill their grasp. They are recognized to be just right-natured, and extremely faithful towards their circle of relatives homeowners. Nevertheless, Entlebuchers have a tendency to be slightly suspicious with strangers. The breed used to be to begin with used as a farm animals motive force, however has in the end turn out to be a cattle mum or dad and spouse. Entlebuchers want company but mild homeowners who may also be assured and constant at disciplining them. Proper management and early socialization are extremely really helpful to stay the breed solid-minded and neatly-adjusted. To save you Entlebuchers from changing into prime-strung, ok workout and common coaching also are essential.


Entlebucher Mountain Dogs aren’t tough relating to the grooming division. Their coat must be brushed regularly, and they’re regarded as to be reasonable shedders.

Health Concerns

Entlebuchers are often susceptible to a number of congenital defects equivalent to hip dysplasia, hemplytic anemia, and revolutionary retinal atrophy. Nevertheless, with correct care, diet, and workout, the breed can reside for so long as 11 to 15 years.

Best Environment

Members of the Entlebucher Mouontain Dog are most often no longer really helpful for rental-residing. Owners are inspired to take those canine on day by day walks and jogs to stay them satisfied.

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