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Family Dog Digs Up $85,000 in Heroin From Oregon Backyard

A Golden retriever was once named an Honorary Narcotics Detection Ok-Nine after the circle of relatives canine used his outstanding sense of scent to smell out and dig up $85,000 price of black tar heroin from his Oregon yard!


When 18-month outdated Golden Retriever, Kenyon, dug up an strange pill from his Oregon circle of relatives’s yard, his circle of relatives had been excited!

Thinking their puppy had exposed a buried time pill, they eagerly opened the sealed pipe anticipating mementos from the previous… what they exposed as an alternative would achieve the eye of native police.

Kenyon had situated and dug up greater than 15 oz., or roughly $85,000 price, of black tar heroin! The circle of relatives instantly contacted the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office who praised Kenyon for his to find.


Sheriff Tim Svenson stated, “opioid addiction and overdose deaths are on the rise and with the help of Kenyon this large quantity of heroin is removed from our community.”

Sheriff Svenson even offered Kenyon with an reliable Yamhill County Ok-Nine quotation ribbon and named him an honorary narcotics Ok-Nine for lifestyles.

So, the following time your canine constantly paws at a patch of your lawn, you may wish to let him stay digging – you by no means know what he’ll to find!

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