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Feliway for Cats: A Pet Parent’s Guide

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Feliway is a protected, efficient and herbal option to beef up downside conduct and assist your cat to deal with adjustments corresponding to transferring space and introducing new pets.

What is Feliway?

Cats are very at risk of pheromones, let’s face it they use them always to make their atmosphere scent extra cat-friendly. Every time your cat scratches on one thing, rubs his face someplace or urinates to mark, he’s the usage of his ‘smell brain’ to map out his house.

In many circumstances the place cats change into unsatisfied or exhausting to reside with, they’re merely understanding methods to deal with the continuously converting atmosphere they reside in. Situations which can be ceaselessly out in their keep an eye on and make them act in ceaselessly bizarre techniques. Changes corresponding to a brand new child, regimen adjustments, a space transfer, new furnishings and different cats can also be seriously distressing. Some cats, like other people internalise their anxieties, whilst others will put on their hearts on their paws and inform you all about how they really feel.

Feliway comes as a plug-in diffuser with a replaceable replenish or a non-aerosol handheld spray. The diffuser continuously releases a pheromone that may’t be detected by means of our human noses, however this is comforting to cats. It works in a similar fashion to an air freshener and easily plugs into a standard energy socket.

The handheld spray turns out to be useful to regard particular puts corresponding to a cat provider or spaces your cat is urine marking or scratching.

How does Feliway paintings?

Feliway makes your house, that dreaded cat provider or your new space scent comforting and protected. It is formulated from an analogue of the tom cat facial pheromone, which cats position on issues by means of rubbing their faces on furnishings (or other people!).

Cats don’t seem to be in particular just right at trade. They like regimen and predictability. Unfortunately lifestyles isn’t at all times like this. Situations which can be ceaselessly from your cat’s keep an eye on can ceaselessly reason anxiousness, resulting in behavioural issues. Your cat would possibly scratch on furnishings, urinate someplace, vocalise, be reluctant to consume, overgroom or just pass and conceal to keep away from the whole lot. Feliway is one option to get your cat out from below the mattress and feeling a bit happier once more.

When must you employ Feliway?

Stressed cats would possibly overgroom, yowl, tempo, urinate out of doors of the muddle tray, display aggression, conceal extra ceaselessly, would possibly overeat or lose their urge for food or under-eat. They may additionally lose the power to play or is also not able to get their common 16-18 hours of sleep an afternoon.

We recommend hanging the Feliway Diffuser Set in an influence level in the primary a part of your own home, or the place your cat spends maximum of his time. If you’re transferring, position the diffuser within the new space 24 hours earlier than you progress your cat in. It could be very best to have a separate room for your cat to really feel protected in while you first transfer in, with the Feliway plugged in.

For journeys to the vet, spray Feliway Spray into the cat provider simply earlier than shuttle.

For urine marking, after cleansing with a enzymatic cleaner, spray Feliway in that individual spot to discourage repeated ‘accidents’. For additional info on fixing issues involving cats urinating out of doors of the muddle tray, discuss with right here.

What to seem for when purchasing Feliway

For shuttle or urine marking the place a handheld spray could be helpful, glance to shop for the Feliway Spray that you’ll be able to spray onto spaces your cat marks with urine or within the cat provider.

For fearful cats, transferring house or eventualities the place you’re introducing a brand new puppy or human to the family, the diffuser could be extra helpful.

Simply take a look at that the tamper seal is in position while you acquire your Feliway.

Where are you able to purchase Feliway?

Feliway is to be had in on-line shops corresponding to Amazon or vet clinics.

What else do I want?

If your cat is affected by anxiousness, believe additionally the Thundershirt for cats.

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