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Franz Freundorfer and the 3ENCULT’s ‘SmartWin Historic Window’ prototype

Going from trendy calories effective properties to historical constructions should were a large jump for you. What have been your preliminary ideas when the development conservationists knocked at your door and requested you to create a ‘historic’ however energy-efficient window for the Waaghaus in Bolzano, one in all the case research of the 3ENCULT challenge?
I first noticed it as a chance to extend the vary of my paintings in the box. I believed that the greatest problem would first be to grasp the way of thinking of a heritage development conservationist. Then, the 2nd problem could be to increase an energy-efficient window that respects the aesthetics of a historical development.

There are many home windows lately to be had on the marketplace. Why will we wish to increase a brand new one for historical constructions?
I discovered the resolution to this query from Waltraud Kofler-Engl, the curator of the Waaghaus (Public Weighing House), after she took a gaggle people on a walk via the Old Town to take a look at the historical constructions, all the way through a workshop in Bolzano. I then realised that lately’s home windows are huge, continuously with very huge frames, and they don’t have compatibility the proportions of a historical facade. In addition, opposite to historical home windows, trendy insulated glazing maintains a continuing force within the window, which reasons the glass to bow somewhat to the out of doors or the within relying on the exterior air force. Before this challenge, I had by no means spotted how dramatic this impact might be. But now it’s transparent to me and I will perceive higher the considerations of creating conservationists.

What did you think about when fixing the drawback?
We agreed somewhat temporarily that we would have liked to make use of a box-style window with two several types of glass. To appreciate the visible integrity of the historical development, we used unmarried glazing on the out of doors and an insulating triple glazing on the within. Our ‘SmartWin Historic Window’ is the similar of a ‘countersash’ window, by which two home windows are put in shut to one another. The subsequent step was once to seek out the proper historical profile for the design of the window.

So you no longer most effective needed to paintings as a window developer, but in addition collaborate with the development’s conservationists as a historian. How did you get a hold of the design concept to your window in the Waaghaus in Bolzano?
Collaboration with the conservationists was once crucial. And it was once a laugh to look via the drawings—a few of that have been a number of hundred years outdated—and to determine that folks again then had a lot of the similar preoccupations as we do now. Of path that they had poorer high quality glass however, like us, they sought after to get the most quantity of sunshine into their constructions. They had already concept via the drawback and evolved answers that experience by hook or by crook gotten misplaced over the years! One in their inventions that I discovered in a ancient drawing was once the ‘Geißfuß’, a extremely smart geometrical association that permits the window sash to be tucked horizontally in at the back of the blind body. It was once via reusing this concept that we have been in a position to insert the countersash window into an calories effective body.

So your window design is a mix of outdated and new generation—of high-tech fabrics and a historical slim body.
That’s true. You lose a lot much less warmth with a slim body as a result of a windowpane has a long way higher calories potency than a window body: the narrower the body, the decrease the calories loss. At the similar time, extra glass will provide you with higher publicity to the solar. In truth, from this standpoint, a window can’t be thought to be energetically well-engineered till the body width is 0. And this, in the finish, was once our intention: to go away from standard knowledge and intention to avoid wasting each and every millimetre on the frame-width lets succeed in.

What are the additional plans referring to the ‘SmartWin Historic’ window prototype?
Soon we want to get started the use of a skinny layer of glazing for the historical glance of the inside window and in a couple of years we may additionally take a look at the use of vacuum glazing. Already at this level, we’ve won Smart Window certification at the side of our French producer “André Menuiserie”, and it’s in a position for use in different historical constructions as effectively.

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