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Fun Facts About Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are attention-grabbing little creatures, learn on for some amusing guinea pig minutiae.


  1. A male guinea pig is known as a boar and a feminine is known as a sow.
  2. Guinea pigs are sometimes called ‘cavies’
  3. Guinea pigs are ready to fend for themselves from five days of age.
  4. A brand new born guinea pig can run after simply three hours after start.
  5. Male guinea pigs will mate from 1 month of age (and can even get started practising from 2 weeks!) and women folk will have their first clutter from three weeks of age (however truly they will have to wait till four months of age).
  6. Guinea pigs are at first from South America.
  7. In the Andes mountains they had been occasionally used to search out illness in people through maintaining the guinea pig in opposition to other portions of the frame till it squeaked to inform them the place the illness used to be.
  8. Guinea pigs reside for as much as eight years, however the oldest recognized dwelling guinea pig lived till he used to be 15 years previous.
  9. Happy guinea pigs might leap up and down, referred to as ‘popcorning’.
  10. Guinea pigs are round 20 and 25 cm lengthy (eight – 10 inches)
  11. Guinea pigs have tooth that continue to grow and want to be worn down through consuming plenty of grass or toys to chunk on.
  12. In some international locations, guinea pigs are thought to be a delectable delicacy.
  13. A wholesome weight of a guinea pig is between 1700 and 1200g (1.five – 2.5lbs)
  14. Guines pigs have four feet at the entrance toes, however handiest three feet at the hind toes

To be informed extra about Guinea Pigs, take a look at our Guinea Pig Care Guide.

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