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Gomer is a soft robot that can bother your cat

If there’s any kind of development in robotics this yr it’s soft fingers. Robots with soft pinchers are rather helpful in choosing up – and no longer breaking – gadgets and now you can revel in a soft-handed robot at house.

The robot is referred to as Gomer and it’s to be had now on Indiegogo. The little robot had an expressive face and a giant claw on best. You can play video games with Gomer – my children favored keep-away during which the robot steals a field after which tries to run clear of you – otherwise you can teach him to pick out up gadgets or discover his setting.

I had an early model of Gomer and our techie circle of relatives discovered him very adorable. At $229 for early birds you’re no longer paying a lot for a good wheeled robot and he has a great little SDK for programming. They’ve additionally designed him with the intention to play with your pets, as evidenced by way of the fast video of Gomer tormenting a gray cat.

Dr. Jonathan Liu created Gomer as a part of his analysis into soft robotics. His co-founder, Eric Zhao, labored in robotics and embedded programs.

“For the first time, soft robotics is not exclusive to factories and other industry specific products, but are made consumer friendly and for the masses,”stated Liu. “Gomer is easy to use for anyone, but also has an open API for developers who want to customize Gomer. In addition, Gomer’s AI recognizes facial expressions and can express its own based on what he sees.”

“When the Gomer team finished graduate school, we had a clear idea of what we wanted to do with with our research results: a robot that combined the helpfulness and attitude of Dobby with the playfulness of Baymax. We invented Gomer to bring this dream into reality, and to bring to the world a new being with the liveliness and distinctiveness of our favorite animated characters,” he stated.

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