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Great Dane Breed Information – Love That Pet

This well-liked mild massive will consume you out of space and residential however pay off you with unending loyalty and love.



The huge Great Dane is affectionate and mild. They will also be a very good circle of relatives significant other for older children, however require an important monetary outlay and a company hand. Great Danes age temporarily, typically handiest dwelling to just eight years of age. They will also be mischievous when doggies, however transition right into a quieter, calm degree as they mature.


I like circle of relatives lifestyles, consideration and lengthy common walks. I’m on the lookout for an energetic circle of relatives, however one this is satisfied to additionally spend some high quality loafing round time with me at house. I don’t want numerous house and will luckily are living in a small house as long as I’ve a pleasing giant mattress to stretch out on and phone my very own.


Lifespan 6-eight years
Weight 45-55 kg
Height (at shoulder) 71-76 cm



Affectionate – Great Danes love completely everybody and thrive in a circle of relatives the place they get loads of consideration. They love cuddles, brushing and play and want to be with every other canine or their circle of relatives relatively than being left on my own for lengthy sessions.

Gentle – the mild Great Dane likes to cuddle up at the sofa and be with the circle of relatives. They are adorable, candy and type and regardless of their huge dimension they’d by no means (intentionally) harm a fly.


Exercise Requirements Medium – zero.five-1.zero hours in step with day
Training Requirements High – 1-2 hours in step with day
Apartment Friendly? No


Great Danes are giant mild giants, however as with every canine they want to be neatly socialised when they’re doggies (below 12 weeks of age) to make sure they’re assured. A worried, poorly socialised canine can simply develop into an apprehension-biter so warning must be taken to verify they’re socialised and educated early.

While Great Danes are giant canine, they are able to even be lazy and don’t require hours of workout day-to-day. They do desire a excellent hour-lengthy stroll on a daily basis and critical coaching to make sure their massive dimension does now not get the simpler in their house owners. Teaching a Great Dane methods to stroll at the leash is very important, as they’re going to in a different way win that tug-of-struggle!

There are many towns on the earth the place Great Danes are saved in flats and for sure that is conceivable. Make certain you will have quite a lot of house, now not too many adorns for that lengthy tail to knock over and quite a lot of time for workout.


Trips to the Groomer No- simple care at house
Tick Friendly? Yes
Hypoallergenic No
Brushing Low – Little to no brushing required
Hair fall Moderate Shed- will drop some hair, however now not over the top
Coat Type Short


Great Danes are somewhat low upkeep within the grooming division. They have a brief, simple to care for coat and whilst they do shed, they don’t have a tendency to take action excessively. They will also be tricky to wash and for sure don’t desire a tub or a lot in the best way of grooming.


Good With Kids Good – k with older children, however possibly now not the ones below five.
Good With Other Small Pets Medium – Ok with different pets, supervision recommended.
Sociability Medium – Can are living on my own or with others.


Great Danes are extraordinarily dependable, mild and loveable canine. They can simply bowl over more youthful youngsters by chance, so are higher suited for households with teenage youngsters. They additionally require constant coaching and strict flooring regulations to make sure they don’t over step barriers. Although they have been at first bred as searching canine, they don’t have a powerful prey power, however must be supervised round smaller pets simply in case.

Great Danes like to spend time with their households, so don’t seem to be suited for lengthy sessions of solitude, in particular when doggies. They can steadily develop into damaging if bored, so would require loads of play, coaching and psychological stimulation to stay them occupied.


Overall Expenses (Annual) High $2000+
Veterinary Expenses (Annual) High – $300-$500+
Food Expenses (Weekly) High (massive and massive) – $20-$30+


Owning a Great Dane, you’re going to desire a considerably massive price range and puppy insurance coverage. They are liable to quite a few well being stipulations and age temporarily, so steadily require widespread visits to the vet. A Great Dane will even want excellent high quality meals and loads of it to stay him wholesome.



Orthopedic diseases- Great Danes are liable to hip dysplasia, hypertrophic osteodystrophy, panosteitis and osteochondrosis dissecans (OCD). Selective breeding has supposed hip dysplasia is uncommon, however the different bone problems are tougher to forestall. Avoiding overfeeding and overexercising when rising is very important for a Great Dane.

Bloat and Gastric Volvulus– Large deep-chested breeds just like the Great Dane are liable to bloat, which is the place the tummy abruptly expands with fuel and fluid. Bloat can steadily then result in torsion or twisting of the tummy, which is abruptly deadly if now not handled in an instant.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy – DCM results in center failure in heart elderly (three-7 years) to older canine and is extra commonplace in massive breeds.


Avoid feeding an excessive amount of, overexercising and don’t complement with calcium in rising canine because of chance of orthopaedic defects like hip dysplasia or OCD.

To scale back the danger of bloat, Great Danes must be fed two smaller foods relatively than one giant meal and so they must now not be allowed to workout inside an hour of feeding. Also ask your vet about prophylactic gastropexy (a easy specialist surgical operation involving tacking the tummy in its proper place) when your puppy is desexed to scale back the danger of bloat.

Ask your vet to test your canine’s hips frequently for hip dysplasia and ensure the oldsters of your puppy have been hip scored by way of the breeder.

Ask your breeder whether or not they’ve undertaken any screening for center illness of their breeding canine, this must preferably be executed each and every 2 years, as DCM is considered an inherited situation and person who develops with age, relatively than being born with it.

Also ask your vet to frequently test your canine’s center and assist you to know what indicators to appear out for, comparable to expanding breathing price, workout intolerance and coughing.


Great Danes have been at first German searching canine, bred for his or her velocity and energy as early because the 18th Century. They have been used to seek undergo and wild boar and have been at first a mixture of Greyhounds, Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds.

The Guinness Book of World Records has had quite a few Great Danes conserving the report for the most important canine, the tallest used to be Giant George, who used to be 99cm top on the shoulders and made appearances at the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2010. He used to be reported to sleep on a double mattress at house and beloved to experience round his neighbourhood in Tucson Arizona on a golfing cart.

The most renowned cool animated film Great Dane used to be the cute goofball Scooby Doo who used to be drawn by way of Iwao Takamoto, impressed by way of his good friend who described to him the very best pedigree canine. The rooster-hearted Scooby Doo persona used to be central to the thriller-fixing workforce of Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma, which used to be televised from 1969 by way of Hanna-Barbera Productions and has impressed many spin-offs.


Petfinder lists all sorts of canine who want houses, each purebred and blended breeds, adults and doggies.

Great Dane Rescue has Great Danes throughout lots of the US wanting new houses.

Great Dane Club of America additionally coordinates fostering and rescue of Danes US-extensive.

The ASPCA steadily has Great Danes for adoption, do just a complicated seek on their adoption web page.

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