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The Harrier, also referred to as as Harehound, is a breed of small to medium-sized canine that originated in United Kingdom. It belongs to the hound breed circle of relatives which is noteworthy for his or her outstanding searching abilities emphasised through their remarkable scenting energy, velocity, and or stamina. Harriers had been bred to turn out to be hare hunters. The breed resembles the English Foxhound, most effective that Harriers are a little smaller. Their quick shiny coat in most cases is available in more than a few colours reminiscent of tan, white, and black.

Height and Weight

Both the female and male individuals of the Harrier breed typically stand a top of 19 to 21 in on the withers, and weigh about 40 to 60 lbs.


Harriers, usually, are cheerful, outgoing, and playful canines. They are candy-tempered, tolerant, and fond with youngsters. The breed will get alongside smartly with different canine, even though wishes supervision round small, non-dog pets. These energetic canines like to smell, roam, discover, and path. Some individuals of the road love to bay. Harriers are made up our minds and vigilant. They most often want company but delicate human management to stay smartly-adjusted. Patient but stern coaching in addition to good enough workout also are vital to stay those hound canines from turning into harmful. Additionally, the breed has two recognized sorts: the sphere line and the bench line. The latter is fitted to searching in addition to trailing, whilst the previous is extra suitable for display functions.


Harriers aren’t hard in relation to coat care necessities. They most effective want occasional brushing to do away with useless hair. Owners also are prompt to stay the nails in their pets smartly-trimmed, and the ears blank.

Health Concerns

Harriers are normally a wholesome and hardy breed. As an issue of reality, they’ve a mean lifestyles expectancy of 10 to 13 years. Nevertheless, like another dog, the breed may be at risk of a couple of well being problems reminiscent of hip dysplasia and epilepsy.

Best Environment

Members of the Harrier breed do best possible in rural setting with get admission to to a securely fenced backyard. These extremely full of life canines want house owners with an energetic way of life. They are in most cases now not really useful for condo-residing until the handler can take them out for day by day jogs, hunts, or hikes. The breed is somewhat energetic indoors, and would recognize residing with acreage. Letting Harrier pets run freely in an unsafe position isn’t really useful.

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