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Have You Seen This Dog Killer? Police & Devastated Dog Owner Need Your Help

Do you realize this canine killer? Johnathan Perrigin is sought after in reference to the poisoning dying of a minimum of 6 canine. There is a $1,000 praise being presented for info that results in arrest and conviction.

dog killer

Johnathan Perrigin is sought after in connection to the poisoning deaths of 5 circle of relatives canine. Image Fleur Dawes/In Defense of Animals

In Defense of Animals, the world animal coverage group that runs the Winona, Mississippi-based Justice for Animals Campaign, has introduced a $1,000 praise for info resulting in the arrest and conviction of Johnathan Perrigin, sought after by way of the Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Department since September of 2016 for the alleged poisoning of a minimum of 3 canine on, or about June 24, 2016. The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department may be at the alert for Perrigin as he’s identified to go back and forth between Yalobusha and Calhoun Counties, with circle of relatives in Gore Springs, Mississippi. Anyone with knowledge on his location must name the Sheriff’s Department in an instant.

Vincent Robertson, of County Road 229 in Yalobusha County, contacted In Defense of Animals’ Justice for Animals Campaign following the deaths of six of the circle of relatives’s canine. Mr. Robertson believes the killings stemmed from a failed house invasion days previous to the deaths. Intruders made it into the home however fled when Triton, their biggest canine, met them in the lounge.

dog killer

Devastated canine proprietor, Vincent Robertson with Triton. Image Fleur Dawes/In Defense of Animals

Days later, Mr. Robertson’s son discovered Triton as he lay loss of life at their door, and changed into violently sick himself whilst making an attempt to lend a hand the canine. Containers of meals had been came upon within the backyard, and it’s believed that tainted meals used to be put there for the canine to search out and devour. Six of the Robertson’s seven canine had been killed.

Mr. Robertson advised In Defense of Animals, “My dogs were family. Triton was like my kid, they all were. He saved our lives when someone broke into our front door knowing my family was in here sleeping. I can’t say what I really want for this guy.”

Mr. Robertson realized from neighbors guy visiting in the neighborhood named Johnathan Perrigin bragged that he used to be paid to kill Robertson’s canine and were provided a regulated pesticide to hold out the crime.

IDA’s Justice for Animals Campaign Director Doll Stanley urged Mr. Robertson to hunt necropsies on his canine to determine proof of poisoning and to try to resolve the poisoning agent. Stanley contacted the Mississippi Bureau of Plant Industries which regulates managed insecticides. The Bureau showed that the canine were uncovered to Temik, a extremely regulated pesticide.

Temik, a depressing gray grainy substance, is steadily combined with meals and left by way of burglars, neighbors who kill animals that input their assets, and by way of psychopaths in serial animal poisonings.

“Criminals who poison, shoot, or otherwise harm companion animals display their total callousness for the suffering of the animals and flagrant disregard for the significant loss to the guardians whose companion animals are often comparable to family members,” stated In Defense of Animals’ Justice for Animals Campaign Director Stanley. “In Defense of Animals has put up this reward recognizing it is vital that we catch this criminal and put stronger laws in place in Mississippi to protect the community and deter criminals from moving on to other victims. If you have any information about Jonathan Perrigin, please come forward,” added Stanley.

Perrigin is charged with the “Willful Killing of Animals”. Mississippi has two animal poisoning statutes punishable by way of a most $5oo nice, and as much as 3 years within the detention center, or twelve months within the county prison. It isn’t but transparent which statute will practice, however Perrigin may face a prison rate. When the suspect is located, In Defense of Animals is assured that the best statute will likely be carried out for every of the canine who fell sufferer to this hideous crime.

Anyone with knowledge as to the whereabouts of Johnathan Perrigin must in an instant touch the Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Department at 662-473-2722 and Calhoun County at 662-412-3149.

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