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Hedgehog Care – Caring for Pet Hedgehogs

European hedgehog

Hedgehogs: Think of them as an out-sized, meat-consuming hamster lined in spikes!

This would possibly sound the stuff of nightmares, however if truth be told hedgehogs proportion a number of characteristics in commonplace with a hamster. For instance they’re each nocturnal, wish to reside on my own, run lengthy distances at evening…oh…and are extremely lovely.

But if truth be told, the analogy ends there as a result of hedgehogs have a distinct set of must reside a protracted and glad existence (But heck, the theory of a large, carnivorous, spiky hamster is simply too just right to not proportion!)

Those shiny brown eyes, tapered nostril, and coat of quills, cause them to a photogenic puppy, perhaps one reason why for their fresh upward push in recognition. But ahead of speeding out to shop for one, you will have to be acquainted with their wishes and be sure you’ll supply a cheerful hog house.

For starters, perform some research and to find out if hedgehogs are criminal to your state. Since the African pygmy hedgehog isn’t a local species, some states have banned conserving them as pets so as to offer protection to local natural world and the native ecosystem.

Those states wherein hedgehog conserving is against the law come with:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Maine
  • Pennsylvania
  • Washington DC
  • New York City (five boroughs)

Let’s rise up shut and private along with your new prickly puppy friend.

The African pygmy hedgehog is a tropical species, with a mean lifespan of three – five years. They mature on the somewhat younger age of 5 months, which is when they may be able to get started breeding (Be certain to split brothers and sisters ahead of this age!)  A hedgehog being pregnant lasts from 32 – 50 days, and he or she provides delivery to a mean clutter measurement of 3 to 4 hoglets.

In the wild of their local Africa, those cutesy critters dine most commonly on bugs. This formally makes them carnivorous, playing a vitamin of items crunchy creepy-crawlies, with a bit of herbage thrown in as an aspect salad.

Hedgehogs (like hamsters) are nocturnal. They are lively as soon as the solar is going down, and boy are they lively. It’s no longer unknown for wild hedgehogs to trip eight kms in a single evening, so offering an workout wheel is a should. Of path, this additionally dangers worrying your sleep, so be certain that a puppy that’s lively while you aren’t, suits in along with your plans.

And ultimate however no longer least, those hedgehogs hail from a tropical setting and wish stay heat. Whilst they hibernate within the wild, in captivity it’s normally regarded as higher to offer synthetic heating and stay them unsleeping yr spherical.

What do you wish to have to care for a hedgehog? A fundamental hog buying groceries checklist comprises:

  • An appropriate protected cage
  • Safe bedding
  • A conceal or refuge
  • A warmth mat or lamp
  • Ceramic meals and water bowls
  • Appropriate meals
  • Toys


1: A Secure Cage or Container

Hedgehogs are solitary creatures and like residing on my own. Males in pairs, and even paired women folk generally tend to struggle, while blended gender pairs will mate, with all that this means.

Like all creatures, hedgehogs require enough house to show off a variety of herbal behaviors. This boils right down to the “Bigger the better” relating to a cage. Ideally, the hog will have to have a minimum of 4 foot in period to potter in, with a wheel for critical workout.

Look for a cage with a forged flooring and stay the hedgehog deep bedded. (Avoid mesh flooring as those are destructive to subtle paws.) There are various enclosures appropriate for hedgehogs from goal-made cages to indoor rabbit methods or perhaps a vivarium. Factors to remember are:

  • Space: There must be enough space for the hog to trundle round and feature separate spaces to sleep, devour, drink, workout, and bathroom
  • Warm however Well-Ventilated: Vivariums excel at preserving onto warmth, however are frequently poorly ventilated. You would possibly want to drill further air flow holes if the use of a viv.
  • Low Level: Hedgehog would possibly assume they may be able to climb, however if truth be told they’re clumsy and frequently fall. Low ranges tumbles are high quality, however steer clear of cages with a mezzanine degree or the hog would possibly mistakenly attempt to climb and injure themself.
  • Flat flooring: Be sort to these paws and steer clear of mesh ground

2: Safe Bedding

The highest choices for bedding come with aspen, shredded newspaper, or untreated picket chips. Every bedding has its just right and dangerous issues, so it’s an issue of figuring out what works highest for you and your hog. Indeed, you’ll check out clutter-coaching your hog (the use of picket-primarily based cat clutter in a pan) after which use a fleece as a kind of hedgehog carpet.

Remember to identify blank bedding each day, scooping out the dirty spaces and changing it with blank, after which do an entire blank once or more every week.

three: A Hide or Shelter

Like all creatures hedgehogs love to be secure and personal whilst they sleep. The hog concept of a luxurious bed room is a refuge, field, or igloo covered with bedding. They will curl up within and shut eye the day away.

Another great selection is a hedgehog pouch. These are the similar of a hog sound asleep bag, apart from the creature is going all of the manner within to curve up and sleep. A hedgehog pouch has the merit that you’ll carry the hog out in their cage in it when it’s time to wash. Also, some other people to find their hog will trot again into the pouch on the finish of playtime after they’ve had sufficient.

four: A Heat Lamp or Mat

Your hedgehog wishes a gentle temperature of 73 – 75 F day and evening. An invaluable rule of thumb is if you’re feeling chilly then your hedgehog wishes further warmth. If your centrally heated home is comfortable all yr spherical, high quality. Use a thermometer to observe the temperature, and if it dips at evening then give your hog a black lamp or warmth mat. However, watch out the hog can’t lie without delay on most sensible of the mat (make certain there’s a fleece or duvet) to steer clear of thermal burns.

For certain steer clear of the temperature going beneath 68 F as this would cause hibernation.

five: Ceramic Food and Water Bowls

Ceramic bowls are heavy which makes them tough to tip over. They even have the good thing about being simple to wash and scratch evidence. Avoid sipper bottles because the hedgehog’s unusually lengthy tongue can turn out to be tapped through the ball bearing within the spout. Ouch!

6: Appropriate Food

Variety, because the pronouncing is going, is the spice of existence. Where hedgehog meals is worried, selection is helping be certain that balanced vitamin. In the wild hedgehogs devour bugs and snaffle up no matter hops, wriggles, or flies previous. To mimic this you will have to come with wigglies comparable to crickets, mealworms, silkworms, and wax worms into their menu. These are simply available thru reptile retail outlets.

The core of the captive hedgehog’s vitamin will have to be a just right high quality dry cat meals, about and a part tablespoon’s in keeping with day. But upload in selection through providing a complement of:

  • Boiled or scrambled egg
  • Lean cooked rooster, lamb, or turkey
  • Fresh fruit and greens

Remove any uneaten meals every morning, in order that it doesn’t move moldy. Oh, and don’t give hedgehogs milk. They fight to digest the milk sugar, lactose, and increase diarrhea consequently.

7: Toys

Wild hedgehogs do a large number of pottering and investigating. Mimic this through offering cardboard tunnels to discover. Don’t omit – an workout wheel (one designed for ferrets is perfect) is necessary, however make certain it’s large enough that the hog’s again doesn’t curve right into a ‘U’ when within,

You will have to actually have a protected room or house the place you’ll let the hog out to run round and stretch his legs. This could also be a great time to fuss and puppy him, in order that he turns into used for your corporate. However, sooner or later you’ll yawn and wish your mattress, while the hog nonetheless desires to play. Give him some cat-sized toys (mess around to look what he prefers) to stay him amused all through the evening.

Keeping your hedgehog in blank stipulations and offering a balanced vitamin move a protracted approach to conserving them wholesome. However, they’re at risk of positive well being issues:

  • Respiratory Illness: A hedgehog’s subtle lungs are simply broken through ammonia. If their bedding turns into dirty, prime ranges of ammonia will predispose them to pneumonia. Signs of this come with fast respiring, deficient urge for food, and staying in a single position
  • Gut obstructions: A hedgehog would possibly devour issues that aren’t fit for human consumption, comparable to cat clutter, which then turns into caught of their intestine. The indicators are non-explicit and come with loss of urge for food and excessive malaise
  • Bloat: Certain greens, comparable to the ones from the cabbage circle of relatives, inspire gasoline formation within the bowel inflicting the hog to swell up. Some hogs ‘deflate’ of their very own accord, others want veterinary assist.
  • Wobbly Hedgehog syndrome: The situation reasons the worried gadget to degenerate and impacts the hog’s stability. It’s regarded as genetic and would possibly have an effect on round 10% of puppy hedgehogs. There isn’t any recognized remedy.
  • Self-anointing: This appears to be like alarming however is if truth be told commonplace conduct. Certain smells cause the hog to provide copious quantities of saliva which they then smear over their quills. Normal, however peculiar. Go determine!

And in the end, taking over a hedgehog is a dedication for the following 5 years. Make certain it is a problem you are ready for and may give for your prickly friends wishes for future years. Only then can your hedgehog have a cheerful house and lead the wholesome existence they deserve.

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