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Heroic Sikh Man Uses His Turban to Save Drowning Dog

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A Sikh guy in India is being identified as a hero after he broke spiritual custom to rescue a drowning canine.

Sarwan Singh, 28, used to be riding through an irrigation canal in Punjab, India, when he noticed a gaggle of folks pointing on the canal. He stopped his automobile and went to see what the lads had been having a look at.

“I was shocked to see that there was a dog drowning but no was actually helping,” he advised the Metro.

One of the 5 articles of religion in Sikhism calls for dressed in a turban always whilst in public, however Singh, not able to swim, noticed no different selection however to take away his turban and use it to rescue the suffering canine.

“The moment I started taking off my turban, people watching around were shocked. They thought I was disrespecting my faith,” Singh recalled. “But what was important at that point was to save the animal’s life.”

With the assistance of some bystanders, Singh climbed down into the steep financial institution of the canal the usage of a portion of his turban as a rope. He used the rest of his turban as a makeshift leash, wrapping it across the canine’s neck and pulling him out of the water.

After rescuing the nervous canine from the water, Singh fed him some biscuits earlier than letting him pass.


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