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Highly Contagious Dog Flu Confirmed in Tennessee

Tennessee officers have showed the every so often fatal canine flu, dog influenza A H3N2, has after all made its solution to the Volunteer State.

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Canine influenza A H3N2, one of those fowl flu that tailored having the ability to infect canine first gave the impression in portions of Asia in 2007.

In April of 2015, the primary case of Canine H3N2 was once discovered in the United States. Although it’s unknown how the virus made its means right here, the outbreak first started in Illinois the place an estimated 2,000 canine had been inflamed.

Over the following a number of weeks, the flu unfold to surrounding states in the Midwest and made its means as a ways south as Alabama, Georgia, and Texas and as a ways west as California. For a number of months, it appeared as though the unfold of the flu have been contained – till now.

Last week, the University of Florida showed as many as 13 instances of the H3N2 canine flu, proving that the extremely contagious virus remains to be a priority. On Monday, The Virology Laboratory on the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine showed two instances in the Knoxville house of Tennessee.

Dr. Melissa Kennedy, director of the virology laboratory on the veterinary faculty defined how the virus was once reduced in size. “The dog was at a boarding facility in the Knoxville region that housed a dog that had been exposed to dogs from a show in Perry, Georgia where a confirmed outbreak has occurred.”

The flu is unfold from canine to canine (and now, to cats) a lot in the similar means the human flu is unfold – via direct touch, via coughing and sneezing, via touch with infected gadgets and surfaces, and many others. The flu isn’t contagious to people.

The maximum not unusual signs of H3N2 virus in canine are runny nostril, cough, and fever, however no longer all canine will display signs.

In different phrases, your canine may just seem to be completely wholesome whilst sporting and infecting different canine with the virus. Likewise, your canine might be inflamed by way of a canine that looks wholesome.

If you’re dwelling in a space the place the canine flu has been showed, stay your canine on leash and clear of different canine. Avoid canine parks, kennels, and doggie day care facilities the place canine are in shut proximity to each other or sharing toys and play surfaces.

Currently, a dog flu vaccine does exist, nevertheless it’s effectiveness towards the H3N2 virus isn’t but confirmed.

A check for the H3N2 virus has been evolved and is to be had from a veterinarian. If your canine displays any indicators of the flu or if you happen to suspect he’s been uncovered, communicate for your veterinarian.

Outbreak News Today urges canine house owners suspecting canine flu to name their veterinarian previous to going to the health facility in order to lower the possibilities of spreading the virus to different animals on the health facility. Many canine have a fever, reduced urge for food and lethargy all the way through the primary few days of sickness.

Most canine get better at house with none headaches. Some require hospitalization.

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