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How a same-sex marriage ‘troll’ enraged the yes campaign then vanished

It was once a submit that sparked outrage and hundreds of feedback.
An individual with the account identify ‘Marta Denning’ wrote on 23 September that she was once going to vote no in the same-sex marriage survey on account of a textual content message she’d gained from the yes camp.
“Well I was voting yes until today but your unsolicited text message telling me what to do made me change my mind,” Marta wrote on a submit to the ‘YES to Marriage Equality’ Facebook web page.
“Sending me an unsolicited, politicised message to my private phone, in my private time whilst I am caring for my dying mother telling me what to do and how to vote is NOT OK.”

The submit was once picked up via the Daily Mail, fast to show that the textual content messages was once turning citizens off the yes campaign.
This submit was once then broadly shared on Facebook, and the organisers of the YES to Marriage Equality Facebook web page mentioned greater than 10,000 commenters were given sour, indignant and harm.
On Thursday, 5 days after Marta’s submit, 64,372 other folks had been speaking about ‘Marta Denning’, consistent with Facebook’s ‘trending’ stats.
Fiona Newton from Melbourne, who commented on the Daily Mail’s Facebook submit, mentioned she felt the no campaigners had been looking to silence her.
“There was such a furore about the text message from the no campaigners and it was already an emotional point and people were tired of people trying to silence us,” she informed Hack.
“I’m sceptical that those people were ever going to vote yes,” she mentioned.
“They’re trying to silence us and provoking a lot of people in our community.”
Who is Marta Denning?
But inside 5 days of the unique submit, Marta Denning abruptly disappeared. There is not any signal of her on Facebook. We’ve additionally regarded for her on LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat. There is no-one via the identify of Marta Denning on the electoral roll.
There’s a probability that Marta does not cross via her actual identify on Facebook, however her loss of a virtual footprint raises questions.
The Daily Mail’s unique on-line tale remains to be up, however its Facebook submit of the tale has been taken down.
It seems we aren’t the most effective ones asking who Marta Denning is.
Trans Health Australia, an advocacy and toughen community for transgender and transsexual Australians, wrote on their Facebook web page to pay attention to trolls.
“We’ve just done an extensive search on this Facebook account, and there is nothing to substantiate this is even a real person and is most likely not even a female,” they mentioned.
“The lack of posting history and any content on their FB profile is also evidence this is also a fake trolling account.”
Separating reality from fiction in the same-sex marriage debate
As this campaign continues we’re seeing stories, feedback and ads that don’t seem to be from each side of the debate.
Early on, a hateful poster was once circulated, purporting to be from the no campaign.
It was once ultimately found out this was once now not true.

The poster was once discovered to be a faux.

Twitter: Dan Leach-McGill

Monica Doumit from the Australian Christian Lobby, which is campaigning towards same-sex marriage, says other folks mustn’t take each document or Facebook submit at face price.
“I think that it’s important to have scepticism when you see reports or advertisements and flyers particularly when they seem outrageous,” she mentioned.
Monica says she receives a number of campaign letters a week that say they are from the no campaign when they are now not.
“We often get sent materials from news outlets asking us to comment on that say they’re from our campaign and we can see they’re not,” she mentioned.
“I believe that everyone can be if cooler heads prevailed.
“This debate can be so emotional.”
Alex Greenwich from the Yes to Marriage Equality crew mentioned the yes campaign was once focussing on actual other folks and actual tales.
“Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true,” he mentioned.
“Everybody just needs to remind themselves that this is a reform that affects real people and they should talk to work colleagues or people you know, and trust real conversation with real people.”
Hack has contacted the Daily Mail and Facebook for remark.

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